One of the problems facing those that want to get an idea of what is really happening in Libya is the appearance of videos that are uploaded as if they represent new developments, but who in effect are older videos. Since we have learnt that we cannot trust the Main Stream Media for independent news, we are more dependent on youtube coverage. If people upload certain videos and claim that they contain new images, whereas they portray events taking places many months before, it only adds to the chaos.

I have fallen in this 'sell-old-videos-as-new'-trap a couple of times myself when I showed a video of the Green Army retaking the Green Square after NATO's assault on the city on August 20-22, which turned out to be much older. Then there was the recent video (even broadcast by Telesur) of people from the south who would have been on their way to help the people in Sirte against the Rebels (1) which turned out to be a lot older.

Although anti-imperialists like me, would love to see videos of the Green resistance claiming victories against the Rebels, it doesn't help a lot to add more chaos to the whole by adding old videos as new.

In an update by Morris (2) we get the news that Zawiyah would be back in the hands of the Green Resistance. I responded to that video saying that these claims are all very interesting, but as I am not inclined to trust the MSM I am critical towards the claims of the other side as well. Someone then directed me to a Zawiyah video that was uploaded by amigosdelibia (3) on october 15, claiming that the Green Resistance would have retaken Zawiyah on that same day.

I asked someone else who has been following the developments in Libya very closely ever since the 'revolution' was forced upon the Libyans by NATO, what he thought about the likelihood of this video being a new video. He was very adamant in saying that this was surely an old video, probably from April, when the Libyan Army took control of the city after fightings with the Rebels.

He said:

"I have no doubt that it's an old video, you only need to compare early and late videos and examine the damage sustained by the city landmarks in particular in the central square garden.

One irrefutable sign is the damaged minaret of the mosque in the square that was used by the rebel snipers was demolished by the Libyan authorities because it was a danger hazard. The mosque appears on the video link you gave me at 0:33 onwards and can clearly be seen a few times .. but here is a video from April showing the demolition of the mosque (4).

There are other signs everywhere like the damage to civic buildings which have been patched up and cleaned by the authorities to show that life in Zawia was back to normal back in april

also ...the rebels buried their dead in central square garden because they were surrounded by Gaddafi forces but the graves were relocated after gaddafi forces retook the town. Lastly the civic building in the square was partially demolished when apache helicopters attacked the city during the last rebel offensive but you see it in your video still standing...... there are plenty other signs indicating that it's an old video..

Therefore it's definitely an old video that we haven't seen because it was uploaded only recent."

@somaliasupport2 replied to this phenomenon by saying that because 1VSMRK (5) has started to re-upload many older videos that were removed from YouTube because his original channel (VSMRK) was deleted a while ago (6), other people like amigosdelibia have started to re-upload them on their own channels with creative titles that do not match the reality (and especially the date). It would be highly recommended if people added the original date of the video and what it is all about, so we don't create more confusion by thinking that the upload-date matches the novelty of a certain video.

(5) a famous green Libya uploader on Youtube was banned by Youtube, probably because he uploaded too many graphic images of dead people killed by NATO and their Rebels, and by the Green Resistance.