I have often talked about the lies and war propaganda being used by the western media and the NATO in order to topple the regime of Moammar Gaddafi. Today (May 22, 2011) I noticed another worrisome development in this fight against information that is not western based.

In Warlords of NATO decide: Bomb the Libyan State TV I already mentioned this war on information from the non-NATO perspective. The Arab League also banned the Libyan State TV from their satellites ArabSat and PanSat (source).

One of the few youtube channels that provided us with the possibility to see for ourselves what the Libyan Government was showing its people was a channel under the name 'pipard'.

Every day a few youtube videos would be added with critical information about the NATO-intervention in Libya. Now this channel was suddenly removed. It seems very likely that this wasn't done voluntarily: the NATO countries together with their Gulf State Undemocratic Arab leaders don't want the world to see another perspective on the matters. They don't want us to read things like 'western colonial agression'.

I would like to invite people (and perhaps pipard himself) to provide new youtube channels which give us the possibility to decide for ourselves what we want to see or not. Please add any information by adding comments below this article. We have the right to see both sides of the story and not solely the western variant of the Libyan war. We have been fooled too often in this regard, with Iraq as the most blatant example of a war that was waged on nothing but lies.

UPDATE MAY 23, 2011: Someone from Australia, using the Youtube Account JungleSurfer also noticed that Pipard was removed from YouTube. Take a look at his videos: Pipard Missing: no Libyan TV Balance Left and Where is Saif and Pipard Libya? I want to support this initiative: what can we do to get these videos from Pipard back on the internet? We have the right to know the versions of what is happening in Libya from more sides than just the western perspective. Please email me with any information you have regarding Pipard. Perhaps we can start another account on a different platform.

UPDATE MAY 24, 2011: I have uploaded a video I was able to find from the Libyan State TV from May 15, 2011. You can find it HERE. Let's see if I get banned as well.