(latest update: January 17, 2012)

After NATO has bombed their Rebels into power in Libya, a power vacuum was created, with only the economists Mustafa Abdel 'NATO' Jalil and Mahmud 'Pittsburgh/Free Market' Jibril as the only well-known faces of NATO's TNC. But what about all the other people and Rebels in Libya? Who is the leader of the Misrata, Zintan, Benghazi etc - Rebels?

In order to get a better grip on the power struggle (1) in Libya it is convenient to get to know the players. This is what I have set out to do with this page, which I intend to update as soon as other names pop up. The names are order alphabetically. You can move your mouse over the pictures to see the name as well.

Abdela'ali, Fawzi - Minster of Interior in the NTC-version that was sworn in on november 24, 2011 (25)

Abushagur, Mustafa - Vicepresident of NTC's Libya at January 7, 2012. In (32) he talks about the desire of the NTC to have good relationships with Iran.


Al-Akhdar, Mukhtar, Zintan Militia Commander (29, video december 2011)

Al-Alagi, Mohammed - Interim Justice Minister (22) At January 7, 2012 he is quoted saying: "But Libyan leaders insist the country will hold a trial. "We are ready to prosecute him [Saif al-Islam Gaddafi]," said justice minister Mohammed al-Alagy. "We have adopted enough legal and judicial procedures to ensure a fair trial for him.". Picture taken from (35).

Al-Alwani, Salim - This would be a fake name of Abdel Hakim Belhadj (see further in this list) which he would use in his Qatar-backed insurgence in Syria (36)

Bani, Ahmed - NTC Military Spokesman (18)

Belhadj, Abdul Hakeem
- Founder of the forbidden Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (6, 7, 8) and the military commander of Tripoli.

Benyezza, Abdurahman - Minister of Oil and Gas in the NTC (present at OPEC meeting on dec 14, 2011, 34)

Dardef, Mustafa Bin - Commander of the Zintan (western mountains) Brigade (2, 3) (No picture yet)

Fetais, Mahmoud - Minister of Industry (since November 24 2011's version of the NTC)

Ghoga, Abdel-Hafiz - spokesperson NTC, responsible for a proposal for a new consitition. Apparently not very popular amongst the people in Benghazi (1)

Harati, Mahdi al-  One of the Rebel Commanders that led NATO's attack on Tripoli in August 2011. He made the news in november 2011 because his wife's house was robbed in Ireland. She said that some 200,000 euros had been stolen. Harati would have said that he received the money from the Drone Empire (24)

Hifter/Hafter, Khalifa Belqasim
- Another Libyan who has lived in the United States ever since the 1980s. He is believed to have strong ties with the CIA (13). There were rumors that he was killed in the fightings near Zawiyah, but I haven't heard any confirmation of that. Although it is strange that we haven't seen anything from him since NATO's coup. On the day of Gaddafi's death (Oct 20, 2011), his name appeared in an AFP-report (19), so he is still alive.

Jalil, Mustafa 'NATO' Abdel   - former minister of Economy in the Jamahiriya, but was fired because of corruption charges. Responsible for inviting in foreign warplanes to bomb Libya into submission and kill off anyone who opposed NATO's aims of a coup of Libya, and the removal of Gaddafi from power.

Jibril, Mahmud
- Economist, has lived and studied in Pittsburgh and wrote many books on the advantages of the Free Market (4). A perfect puppet for the American Dream of Economic Exploitation of Foreign countries (5). He was the unelected prime minister until October 31, 2011, when he was replaced by Abdul Rahim al-Qeeb (or Raheem al-Keeb)

Juwaily, Osama al- - This appears to be one of the people who hasn't spent any time in the US. He was appointed minister of Defence in the ITC under al-Keib on november 22, 2011. He asked the Iranians to help them in clearing up the mines (27, 28)

Kor, Mohamed - Stern, bearder Commander of Zintan Brigade in Tripoli (nov 2011) (23)

Naker, Abdullah -  Head of the Tripoli Revolutionary Guard (29) who cut off his long 'revolutionary' beard and started to wear a suit. At January 1, 2012 he was reported to have threatened Egypt for broadcasting the Jamahiriya TV on Nile Sat satellite (30). Also at Januari 1, 2012 Naker was quoted saying the following about the return of certain militias to Tripoli:

"Naker said some returned to the capital on Saturday in a show of strength to Gaddafi supporters that he said were still at large, threatening the country." (31)


Obeidi, Suleiman Mahmoud
Al- - Military Rebel commander, stepped over to the Rebels during Ramadan - Al-Obeidi, a veteran of the 1969 coup that brought Gaddafi to power, said he had joined the revolution on the 20th day of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. "On the 17th of Ramadan Gaddafi sent me 1,000 weapons to attack the city of Darnah, but I refused to do that ... and on the 18th of Ramadan he sent to me mercenaries with the same intention but I refused. On the 20th of Ramadan I joined the revolution." (9) In a report from june 2011 (months before Ramadan) Suleiman had already gone over to join the troops in Misrata (10)

al-Qeeb (/Keeb/Kib/Keib) , Abdul Rahim - the new prime minister of Libya, who succeeded the well-known American puppet Mahmud Jibril. He is said to be an engineer from Tripoli. Picture from Daily Mail (20). This man has been living in the US from at least 1985 where he taught at the university of Alabama and the Abu Dhabi Petroleum Institute (21). So here we have another 'Libyan' who has been completely americanized, with roots in the oil business. How can Libyans accept a NATO-man like this as their prime minister?


Sallabi, Ali
Islamist cleric, also denounced the TNC (17). Brother of Ismail and Khalid.

Sallabi, Ismail

Head of the 17th February Brigade. Most likely the one responsible for the killing of General Abdel Fatah Younes. In october 2011 he would have said that he is sick and tired of the TNC headed by Jalil and Jibril (14, 15). Couldn't find a picture of him. Brother of Khalid Sallabi and Ali Sallabi

Sallabi, Khalid

Imam van 'the Galway Islamic Society' (16). Broer van Ismail en Ali

Tarhouni, Ali Al-
Another 'Libyan' NTC-member who is an economist, who has lived in the United States from 1973, and has a Master and Ph.D. from Michigan University (11). He was the oil- and finance minister on the NTC, in the times that there was a council, that is. You can hear how good his American English is at (12). Tarhouni spoke out against the way the new TNC (from november 2011) represented only 10% of the Libyan people at most. He also warned about the influence of foreign countries, probably referring to Qatar (26).

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