While Nicholas Sarkozy (with this big warmonger friend, Lévy) and David Cameron are welcomed by their Puppets, Mustafa 'NATO' Jalil and Mahmud 'Virginia' Jibril in Tripoli, the warplanes of NATO are heavily bombarding the Libyan cities who oppose their rule, killing everyone who wants to defend themselves against them. The civilians in these cities are apparently not worth protecting.

It is hard to swallow my anger against such blatant hypocrisy - the protection of civilians is now no longer important: the conquest of Libya by NATO is their prime target now.

Below is a video in which people from Tripoli say they are afraid of the Rebels, and are afraid to speak. If you remember the many green demonstrations (1) that took place you can only imagine what the majority of the people in Libya really think. We'll have to see what the future will hold for Libya. There are many rumors about Rebels fighting amongst each other, Misrata Rebels not accepting the rule of the Transitional 'NATO' Council (TNC, 2, 3)

I liked the introduction: "The leaders of France and Britain are in Tripoli with a high profile show of support for the regime their warplanes helped into power"

Also interesting is the comparison below between the new and the old colonialists, it's been a century.

For those who want to hear want an independent journalist from Venezuela has recently said about the war on Libya, read the story of Rolanda Segura (4) (amongst others) after he returned from a four-months long stay in Libya, with excerpts like:

"The bombings, as well as advances made by NATO-backed rebel forces, “were made possible by the lies of the mass media that reproduced an editorial line without any questioning at all”, affirmed Segura. Segura’s blog (5), in Spanish, has been one of the only independent sources of news, analysis, and images in the aftermath of NATO bombings across Libya."

Also read: Bani Walid: NATO commits massacre in the name of Democracy (6) by Thomas Matthew


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(2) TNC is officially an abbreviation for Transitional National Council, but in practice the Transitional NATO Council sounds more appropriate
(3) http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/aug/29/misrata-rebels-defy-libya-regime
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