Propaganda plays an important role in every war. The war in Libya surely is no exception.

The fact that the NATO-countries and a few monarchs from the Gulf States are waging this war in Libya makes it likely that much of the information we get from the news papers, websites and press agencies who are connected to these powerful countries are heavily balanced against Gaddafi and pro-NATO Rebels.

You would suspect that in these modern days of internet it would still be possible to get information from the other side of the conflict, that is the Libyan government.

Unfortunately Libya is a not a country with a high internet density, which doesn't make it easy to connect to Libyans themselves.

On top of that I have heard people say that the English language was not really promoted in Libya either. This combination makes it hard to hear the voice of the ordinary Libyans.

Then we have the social media, like Facebook and Twitter which eagerly participate in the propaganda war. Below you can watch a video that shows us the likelihood of many fake twitter (and youtube) accounts to help spread the anti-Gaddafi and pro-NATO-message to the world.

We have also learned that Twitter accounts are even used to give coordinates of people who oppose the Rebel-NATO Alliance. You can see a list of them at 'List of Tweets sent to and used by NATO...'. Today I came across a tweet which gave the coordinates of Aisha, Gaddafi's daughter.

If this is indicative of the moral of the Rebels I can only support the Libyans who don't want to have anything to do with these Rebels who invited in the former colonial powers to bomb their country.

NATO's power has become so alarmingly big that they can just type in the coordinates in one of their drone-killing machines and bomb Aisha Gaddafi's house, and simply get away with it.

A number of twitter-accounts have written an open letter to Twitter to ask for the removal of accounts that give coordinates intended to kill civilians (see Open Letter to Twitter).


When the conflict started in Libya you could watch an English news program on the Libyan national TV  'Al-Jamahiriya' which broadcast the events of the day. This bulletin which could be viewed on their website starting at 7 P.M. and lasting for 10 to 20 minutes. At my youtube-channel you can see a bunch of these broadcasts. Near the end of May 2011 something weird happened: just a few minutes before 7 o'clock another program would start to run called 'Libyan.TV' which lasts about half an hour. Just long enough to miss the English news bulletin.

You might suspect the NATO-Rebels who are behind this, but the Libyan.TV is in English and brings programs that are critical towards NATO and the Rebels. Why they have decided to show that on their internet websites is a mystery to me.

Fortunately there are certain satellite websites on the internet that allow you to watch the Libya State TV Channel, and until a few days ago you could see the English News at 7 PM throught these sites. Now even these sites don't transmit the Jamarihiya TV station any longer.

The end result is that it has become impossible for anyone outside of Libya to watch the Libyan News in English on internet!

So much for freedom of expression. No matter what you think about Gaddafi or the Rebels in Libya. I think we deserve the right to make up our minds ourselves. Since many of us don't speak the Arab language, we are dependent on English information. I want to ask everyone who is reading is to find out ways to get this broadcast of 7 PM out on the internet again. I don't like the idea that our governments decide what we are allowed to see and not. Write me an email or add a comment below this post. Perhaps anyone has a satellite receiver that can still receive the Jamahiriya channel and record it?

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