UPDATE OCTOBER 27, 2011: Qatar has admitted that there were hundreds of Qatari 'boots on the ground' fighting alongside the Libyan Rebels during meeting in the capital of Doha in Qatar (1).

After the killing of Abdel-Fattah Younis on July 28, 2011, chaos erupted in Benghazi. A few videos were going round on Youtube that showed us a lot of shootings taking place in Benghazi. In one of the videos you could see a tank rolling through the streets. The peculiar thing about a particular tank was that it was carrying the flag of Qatar on its side.

What on earth is a Qatari tank doing in Benghazi? If NATO would really be serious about the weapons embargo it would be impossible to have Qatari tanks driving through the streets of Benghazi.

We all know the weapons embargo is not upheld by NATO, especially when these arms are headed for their Rebel friends on the ground. You can watch a few videos about the Qatari stance on weapons deliveries at:

- The Emir of Qatar speaks about the Arming of Libyan Rebels
- Rebels want to turn peaceful Libyan cities into Battlefields (About the interception of Qatari arms by Libyan Government in the beginning of July 2011)
- NATO allows their Rebel Friends to be armed through the harbor of Misrata (Al Jazeera, June 2011)

Apparently not only do the Rebels make use of the tanks of Qatar, but there are more rumors spreading that there are actually Qatari people present in Libya to support the Rebels. A journalist from the Jamestown Foundation accompanied the Amazigh (Berber) - Rebels in the Western mountains in their attacks on various villages up there. You can read a detailed report by Derek Henry Ford in 'The Nalut Offensive - a battlefield Report' on the movements in the beginning of August 2011.

In that particular report we can read about active Qatari involvement in the west as well. Let's give you an excerpt from that report:

With the war dragging on for months at the time of this writing and several of the rebels’ earliest victories having long since been rolled back by their much better armed and trained opponents, there are now several foreign governments directly involved in the Libyan conflict.

Aside from the Americans encountered during the height of the Nalut offensive, Jamestown was told by an Amazigh rebel official that Qatari and Emirati investment in the war had reached a point to where it appeared the two Gulf states were vying for influence among rebel factions.

When Jalal al-Digheily, the new TNC Defense Minister, visited Nalut on July 20, he was escorted by a man   purported to be an official from the Qatari Ministry of Defense, according to a member of al-Digheily’s entourage.

The State of Qatar has been involved nearly since the conflict’s inception by providing arms, ammunition and many other types of support.

Several pro-rebel satellite channels with expensive looking sets and slick production values have sprung up in recent months with the studios reportedly located in Doha (al-Jazeera, April 3).

The degree of United Arab Emirates collusion with the rebels is less clear than that of Qatar but at dozens of rebel checkpoints throughout Amazigh-majority areas the Emirati flag is now flapping alongside its Qatari counterpart. Decals of the Qatari monarch Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani (see photograph) adorned dozens of rebel technicals as they descended down the mountainsides into battle.

The tiny Gulf emirate is punching well above its weight in the Libyan conflict, likely in a bid to enhance its prestige in the Arab world while securing its position to do business in Libya in the event of a post-conflict scenario (source Jamestown)

In this particular report you can also read about NATO's offensive support for their Rebels, by 'softening' with bombs the defence of the Libyan army who supposedly work together with many local volunteers who want to have nothing to do with the Rebels with their foreigners.

On August 7, 2011 a Qatari plane landed in Misrata to deliver arms to support their rebels in their fight against the anti-NATO-Rebel people in Libya - See Reuters report: "MISRATA, Libya (Reuters) - A Qatari plane made a quick stop in the rebel-held Libyan city of Misrata on Saturday to offload ammunition destined for rebel fighters, sources with knowledge of the flight said."

(1) http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2011/Oct-26/152269-qatar-admits-it-had-boots-on-ground-in-libya.ashx#axzz1c0aCJntS