Hi there Michele, it seems that the western propaganda has done a good job on your perspective on Gaddafi. Did you know that Libya is the best country in Africa to live in according to the Human Development Index? 

The US has shown again and again that it is a major manipulator of the media and it also has a terrible history in regards to supporting coups in all kinds of countries.

If you would only try to watch Russia Today instead of the western corporate propaganda news channels, you would get a different perspective. Just think about your associations with for example Hugo Chavez. Do you think that these thoughts are the result of neutral news coverage?

NATO and the US know that when they go back to the United Nations Security Council to ask for a new resolution that allows ground troops or that permits the ousting of Gaddafi, they wil be vetoed because many countries in the world (and not the smallest like China, India, Brazil, Russia, most of Africa) do not support this abuse of resolution 1973.

The Western world doesn't like people who are critical towards them. The friends of the US in the non-democratic countries in the Gulf hate Gaddafi because he was critical towards them and their friendship with the US and their reluctance to act against Israel in support of the Palestians.

According to quite a few people Gaddafi has a strong support in Libya itself and in many other African countries.

The thing that bothers me most is the neo kolonial attitude which says that we as the western empire are superior and have the power to decide who is going to be the leader in a country, thereby backing rebels from a piece of Libya that has strong links with Al-Qaida and with a high percentage of people who have fought in Iraq against the US-Invasion there.

For me it is clear that the NATO/Qatar intervention in Libya is fraud with manipulation and under the guise of humanitarian aid, a coup against Gaddafi is promoted in order to have Pro-US and NATO-countries friends in Tripoli/Benghazi who will provide a stable flow of cheap oil to them.

The Western media are doing a good job in prologing the image of the 'poor Libyan people under the terrible dictator Gaddafi who commits genocide on his own people, who must be rescued by the countries of the West who offer their help without out of pure unconditional love for world-wide democracy.'

Perhaps it is not much more that a military and violent coup against a souvereign country in Africa. In the past the UN always tried to negotiate between the various parties, but now their stance is: Gaddafi get out, we don't want to talk to you. We love our Benghazi rebels: let's fight, not talk.

For me Europe and the US are losing their legitimacy in this conflict and they are showing their real face of (military) power and dominance, and it is a matter of time before the people within the ancient empires of Europa and the US are able to see that much of the suffering in this century is the result of this imperialistic corporate attitude on the world.

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