And for our daily portion of anti-Gaddafi propaganda we can go to CNN. In a report from a few days ago we can read about a nanny that would have been terribly burnt by the wife of Hannibal Gaddafi because she couldn't stop their baby from crying (1).

The Rebels recovered this young woman from Bab Al Aziziya, Gaddafi's Military Compound. We are led to believe that in the last few days the Gaddafi parents decided to pour boiling water over her body, burning her from top to toe.

The nanny told the reporters this herself, so why would we doubt this account?

T West in one of his videos (2) expressed another possibility which I think is far more plausible. Remember that this nanny was hiding in Bab Al-Aziziya when NATO struck the compound with 64 bombs on one day (3). Wouldn't it be more logical to assume that a woman got so completely burnt because of the these merciless bombardments by NATO?

It wouldn't of course look good on NATO when the media would find out that she was burnt and mutilated by western bombs, and therefore they might have used their powers to force the young woman to lie and to spread the the tale that - even though Gaddafi's compound was bombed to ruins by NATO - she would have been brutally assaulted by NATO's enemy: the Gaddafi family, who must have thought something like this: ''Well NATO is bombing us now, this looks like a good moment to pour boiled water over our Nanny''

Now you just decide for yourself what you think is the most plausible theory.