On May 5, 2011, the Contact Group against Gaddafi, which consisted of 22 countries, mainly members of the NARPO (=North Atlantic Rebel Protection Organisation) and a few anti-Gaddafi Gulf states convened in Rome to discuss their strategy to topple the Libyan leader.

One of the strategies that was formulated was

"Politically, this will include action against illicit arms, mercenaries and Libyan satellite TV." (UK-Site)

The Dutch Foreign Minister Rosenthal formulated it a bit more pronounced: "TV Stations that spread hatred need to be shut down" (Nederland gaat met Opstandelingen Praten)

It is clear that NATO is showing her true face clearer every day. Not only did they decide to set up a fund for their Libyan rebel friends so they can buy weapons to defeat their common enemy, but now that have openly proclaimed that they desire to destroy the opportunity for the Libyan government to express their point of view.

That's the ultimate propaganda move: if your own propaganda isn't working good enough (more and more countries are expressing their doubts about the way NATO abuses UN-Resolution 1973), you try to silence the voice of the opposition, in this case the broadcasts of the Libyan State Television.

If you take a look at these broadcasts you can see Libyans saying that the 'Colonial Crusader Aggresion against Libya' is helping Al-Qaida rebels and migrants from the East. You can hear them claim that the NATO-nations support the rebels because they want the oil of the country and that they ignore the fact that many civilians in Libya do not want to have anything to do with the rebels from the East. They also say that the attacks on Gaddafi were attempts to assassinate him (just like the Big Empire has recently liquidated Osama Bin Laden in a mob-style fashion).

As NARPO-countries you do not want this kind of news coverage, and that's why you say they spread hate-speech and which makes it fair to bomb the Libyan State TV into kingdom come, just like they did with Gaddafi's son,Saif Al-Arab, and three of his grand-children.

Unfortunately for the NATO-countries the voices of criticism not only originate from the Libyan State TV. There are other TV stations that present critical voices against the way NATO is bombing Libya.

One of the most pronounced and influential sources is Russia Today. They offer interviews with people who raise concerns about NATO's aggressive approach and therefore offer a threat to the American-European-Qatari Propaganda machine.

If NARPO really wants to kill any voice of opposition they might need to consider the bombing of Moscow and then they can start working on all the websites and blogs that oppose NATO's aggressive approach in Libya.

The attempt of NATO to silence opposition of their approach clearly shows how shallow the principle of freedom of expression is, as soon as they are in disagreement with what NATO and their NATO-dependent rebels want the world to believe.

Perhaps they should bomb all the houses in the world where people like me write critically about NATO's propaganda machines?

Update July 30, 2011: - NATO planes silence TV Broadcasts (to protect civilians...)