The way the Imperialistic nations in Europe and the US acted in their conquest of Libya has taught other nations a lot. For one: if you allow a no-fly-zone in a country, you can bet it will end in regime-change, or a coup-d'etat. Another thing is that if you have placed your money in banks in these NATO-countries you can expect them to freeze your money whenever they see fit. 

On top of that you can expect a full-blown propaganda war that is supported by the Western media. This propaganda war is waged not only by spreading lies and distorting truth, but also by attacking the media-outlets of the opponent.

In the case of Libya we have seen how NATO has tried to shut down the Libya Jamahiriya TV with military force (1). We also witnessed how the undemocratic sheiks and monarchs from the Saudi Peninsula supported the aims of the West by removing the Jamahiriya TV from their Arab Satellites (2).

Whereas Libya's media was fully unprepared for such propaganda, the situation in Iran is completely different. The Jamahiriya-TV station broadcast in English only once a day, for about 5-10 minutes (3) and it had virtually no website content in English. There was also no Libyan reporter to be found anywhere in the world, at least I haven't seen any foreign reporter.

The Iranian PressTV is an excellent English TV Station with a very clear and up to date website (4) with dozens of new items and videos every single day. There are Press-TV journalists the world over, making reports every day. Not only do they have great English resources, they even started a Spanish version on december 21, 2011, called HispanTV (5). 

I have been very active during NATO's war on Libya with the uploading of videos mainly from RT, (subtitled) Telesur and Press-tv, but the disadvantage was that you needed to speak English in order to understand it. The result was that there were relatively few visitors from Spanish, German and French Speaking nations. I think it is a very clever move of Iran to launch a Spanish Iranian Channel, to counter the Propaganda that is spread across South-America especially by the Imperialist TV Monopolies.
We know that cyberwar is a very real kind of war. Since there are many servers that are housed in the US, they could decide to shut down anything that is Iranian and on a US-Server. In order to counteract that threat Iran has recently decided to move 90% of its data away from the US and European servers. Just like Chavez has lost his faith in the ability of the Western Banks to be neutral in cases of conflict and decided to bring home the Venezualan gold (6), Iran has made sure to bring its bytes back within their own borders (7).
(3) for nostalgic purposes you could take a look at these oldies at: