I have been quite active in following the events around NATO's brave conquest on Libya and I have to admit that sometimes the amount of propaganda and injustice might turn one's mood rather sour. That's why I have decided to write something funny for a change. As I thought that it couldn't get more hilarious than the BBC-morning show in which they showed Indian people waving the flags of Indian supposedly on Green Square (1) something else happened this weekend, that should also make you smile.

Today, August 28, our American friends revealed that they have droned to death a Libyan in Afghanistan. This wasn't just some Libyan, but he was number 2 in the Afghan Al-Qaida team. In Pakistani Waziristan they killed this man called Atiyah abd-al Rahman (2).

In the same weekend Pepe Escobar, a journalist from Asianews who often features in Russia Today reports said that he was 95% confident that one of the big leaders in the Rebels march on Tripoli was also a Libyan Al-Qaida Member who had fought in Afghanistan. His name is Abdul Hakim Belhadj.

Isn't it funny that one Al-Qaida Libyan was killed, whereas another Al-Qaida Libyan was just about the great American ally in NATO's Conquest of Tripoli?

In an article from the Independent (5) we can read the following on this Abdul Hakim Belhadj (see image, taken from voltairenet (6))

Yesterday, The Independent on Sunday learned that the rebel military commander behind the successful assault on Tripoli had fought in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban and was an Islamist terror suspect interrogated by the CIA. Abdelhakim Belhadj, the newly appointed commander of the Tripoli Military Council is a former emir of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – banned by Britain and the US as a terrorist organisation after the 9/11 attacks.

The 45-year-old first went to Afghanistan in the late 1980s, where he fought against occupying Soviet forces. Arrested in Malaysia in 2004, he was interrogated by the CIA in Thailand before being extradited to Libya, where he was released from prison last year; he has since renounced violence. Mr Belhadj has become a hero of the Libyan revolution – and ally of the West.

Webster Tarpley in march wrote an article (4) based on a West-Point study that showed the origin of the Libyans who had fought in Iraq (Libyans made up the biggest part of the foreign fighters in Iraq), and some 75% came from East-Libyan regions like Darnah and Benghazi. These are now NATO's democratic heroes.

Isn't that funny?

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