The hypocrisy of the United States is sometimes dazzling. While they have abused the UN-Resolution on Libya to protect civilians, in order to oust the internationally recognized government, by supporting a branch of Rebels, they are actively supporting and aiding the killing of Rebels in Yemen. In this, they work together with the forces of the absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia.

This happens at the time that NATO is definitely not protecting the civilians of Libyan cities like Bani Walid, Sirte and Sabha. It is clear that NATO prefers to protect the civilians who agree with them. Those who oppose NATO are attacked. The video below is from Yemen from July 2011 showing the great number of protesters against the Yemeni government of Saleh who is backed by Saudi Arabia and their United States allies.

John Pilger (2) , the very experienced and crirical war journalist, has recently written an article (3) in which he quoted the blurb for the Royal Bank of Scotland in regards to arms sales to Saudi Arabia:

The blurb for the bank's arms party reads: "The Middle East is one of the regions with the greatest number of opportunities for UK defence and security companies. Saudi Arabia... is the world's top defence importer, having spent $56bn in 2009... a very worthwhile region to target." (3)

Below is an excerpt from the Associated Press report on the attacks by US and Saudi forces on the Rebel-held city of Zinjibar in Yemen:

''Saleh, who is still recuperating in Saudi Arabia after a June attack on his compound in Yemen's capital, S
anaa, said the United States and Saudi Arabia [see picture of undemocratic absolute monarch Abdullah] have supported the effort to retake the southern towns [Zinjibar] from militants and he thanked them. He did not elaborate.

A Yemeni security official at the Defense Ministry said the United States has used drones and warplanes in attacks on the two towns. He said they also helped Yemen with reconnaissance flights over areas of Abyan province and provided information on fighters and their movements.

The U.S. has given Saleh's government millions in aid to battle militants from al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which Washington considers the terror group's most dangerous and active branch.'' (1)