I have been actively following and writing about the ways Libya and Syria have become preys of the neo-colonial powers. I became aware of how biased the western media are when it comes to these 'wars' on nations that oppose the western hegemony. I felt the urge to try and present the opposing view on these matters as much as possible. Let the world know that there is another perspective than the one fed to us by the main stream media.

Fortunately we have internet now, which allows us to spread this other perspective as well. There are quite a few blogs, youtube channels, twitter-accounts and websites filled with opinions by all kinds of people who express the other side of the imperialistic or neocolonial coin. During NATO's war on Libya there were many in the western world who were against the 'evil dictator' Gaddafi, and there were some who were against the 'evil' NATO-forces with their 'Al-Qaida rats'.

The same goes for the situation on Syria. The Western media have fed us with this concept of the 'evil dictator' Assad killing his own peacefully demonstrating people. Then there are the opposing voices who talk about the 'evil' western media who support the killings by 'FSA-death-squads' that get their weapons and money from the US, Europe, Turkey and a few Gulf Countries like Qatar and Saudi-Arabia, bringing chaos and destruction to Syria. All this to turn Syria into a failed state in order to break the Resistance of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran against the state of Israel and the corporate US-interests.

Some of us within World Mathaba are beginning to wonder if this is the way to really move forward. If I listen to what my body tells me, neither the first nor the second approach really resonate well within me. There seems to be manipulations and lies in the first approach, but there is also a lot of rage and anger in the second approach. Isn't there a way to move beyond these dichotomies?

Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), an Italian physician, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who founded the so-called Psycho-Synthesis movement may help us in trying to find a constructive concept to overcome these 'opposing forces'. What he proposed was to find a THIRD PERSPECTIVE, which can easily be symbolised by the third angle of a triangle (see image).

A Triangle - Symbolising the possibility of a third angle or perspective

Instead of holding a position on a line between two opposing perspectives, we might try and find a perspective that moves beyond these two opposing points of view.

What might be some of the characteristics of such a third perspective when it comes to themes like imperialism vs anti-imperialism, capitalism vs socialism, corporative democracy vs people's democracy?

I would welcome everyone reading this article to think and feel along in the comments-section below this article. As for me, an important characteristic of this third perspective would be the absence of strong emotions of anger, rage or perhaps even hatred. No more strong terms filled with insults, and more awareness about evoking feelings like 'look how bad and unjust they are, things are so unfair'. Perhaps this other perspective can hold a more 'loving' tone, leaving behind a better feeling within the reader.

Instead of fueling the tribal 'us versus them'-wars with vehement and hateful terminology, we might invest in trying to find solutions that are rooted in neither camps. I think that we can think and feel more constructive and creative when our bodies are not in a prolonged state of anti-imperialistic anger.

Of course, moving away from the dichotomy doesn't mean that you are giving up, or that you don't longer care. Instead of identifying with one of the extremes, chances are that you will start thinking, talking and writing in a way that might feel comfortable for more people, since you no longer add anger to your words. Perhaps it would be possible to better see windows of opportunity that you would not be able to see when you're activily participating in of the two 'tribal factions'.

Perhaps not taking a very emotional side in a conflict is the best way to help solving a conflict. 

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This article first appeared on World Mathaba on October 28, 2012