Divinity within reach?
Divinity within reach?

Through various articles on World Mathaba I'm trying to explore ways to not only move against the current distortions we have created on our planet, but also to find new ways of improving our mode of interaction with the world.

In order to move away from selfish habits like greed and the lust for power, it makes sense to work out perspectives that provide viable alternatives to these deeply ingrained habits.

If we were to focus our minds on different matters there might not be any need to spend such a lot of time on the 'old' ways of being. All we need to do is to open up to new ways of looking at the world. Perhaps the time has come to take off the garments of a reality that we have outgrown, to try and fit some new clothes.

I tend to believe that the best way to move forward is by holding these new ideas and perspectives next to your own 'body', so to speak (1). By becoming sensitive to your own bodily responses to different thoughts. How does it feel to play with new vistas to life? Is there perhaps some kind of resistance from within, trying to protect the well-known old perspectives?

In 'War in Heaven' (2) I introduced the idea that perhaps it might not be in your best interest to invest a lot of time and energy in revering the external gods from the current world religions.

But should we then abolish all divinity from our lives, just like the scientific 'religion' seems to propose? Is it a stimulating and inspiring alternative to look at the world as a rather meaningless machine driven by random (genetic) changes without any sense of direction? I would say no.

Right now I am on a holiday in Australia, paying a visit to my sister. When I woke up early this morning, I sat on the porch next to her house on top of a mountain in a small village, with only one other house in sight.

When I looked around I noticed a few white cockatoos in a tree. A bit more to the right I was surprised to see a couple of small kangaroos, called walibi's. Then my sister's pregnant dog decided to sit next to me. When I looked into her loving eyes something snapped, and tears of beauty welled up in my eyes.

After a few moments I wondered that perhaps we have been searching in the wrong direction for divinity. Couldn't it be that the divine is not to be found in some far-away god, but through the beings that surround us? Could we not experience more of the nature of god by truly enjoying the beauty of a cockatoo, a tree, a walibi, or a dog, then by strictly following the guidelines of the current 'This-is-what-you-should-believe'-manuals like the Qur'an and the Bible?

Perhaps the ability to see and experience this possible divine nature of the world around us more often, will make it almost look silly to spend time on the accumulation of more goods than you need, on the desire to have power over others, or the structured adoration of some invisible far-way god.

I would welcome you to think along. How can we find other ways to get into deeper contact with the sacred that might just be all around us?

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(1) Perhaps take a look at Shibr shibr twitter for more on the importance of taking the time to feel your physical/emotional response to certain news elements for examples.
(2) War in Heaven

So yes, we are all one, we are all manifestations of the same consciousnes experiencing itself in an infinate way of forms. I guess we're on the same track ;)