The REAL Libyan Revolution will turn out to be a revolution of the people against those who manipulate the masses for their own profit. The Libyan revolution will become a symbol for the people all over the world to rise against the power of the powerful and greedy big international corporations, warmongers, secret agencies, banksters and the politicians who back them.

The Libyan Revolution against the NATO countries and their Arab absolute Monarchs will go down in history as the turning point in which the people of the world realized how they were fooled by the powers that be with media propaganda filled with lies in order to ascertain the assets and resources of the Libyan people.

As Egypt was inspired by the Arab Revolution in Tunisia, let countries like Greece and the United States of America be inspired by the Libyan Revolution against the NATO-countries. Their decline has come: it is time for the people to create a new democracy in which they can decide for themselves in a much more direct way. It is time for oil companies to share their profits with the people who suffer in the world.

It is time for all the secret agencies to end their power hungry agenda's. It is time to end the reign of the banksters and the international companies.

Let the Libyan Revolution inspire the people all around the world to go to the streets like the Libyans have done and demand an end to the rule of the elite in order to share the money in a much more honest way.

If you resonate with the thoughts in this article please spread it and let the Libyan Revolution against NATO become an example for the majorities in the world who are fed up with the lies and exploitations by the rich.