While the Gulf States and the Western World is trying to destabilize Syria and Iran in order to ruin those countries just like they have ruined Libya, occasionally some videos pop up which details how bad things have become in that once proud nation, the Jewel of Africa.

Here's a video of 'Allah-u-akhbar' shouting people in Misrata humiliating black Tawergha people in a zoo. They are forced to eat the green flag of the Jamahiriya, and they are treated as if they are not human, but some kind of apes. Thanks Sarkozy, al-Thani (picture) , Obama and Cameron for your humanitarian intervention!

Today I read about a Syrian 'so-called free democracy-fighter' who killed a woman who refused to let him hide in her home in the city of Homs:  

Meanwhile in Tal Kalakh, a terrorist group lead by Radwan Hazouri killed a lady her name is Ruqaia Alhusaid because she rejected to allow them to hide in her house (1)

(1)  http://www.shukumaku.com/Content.php?id=42378