The United Nations has given the War-organisation NATO the right to establish a no-fly zone in Libya. This was based on rumors that Government forces would be dropping bombs on civilians in Tripoli and the threat by Gaddafi that Benghazi would be ridden of Armed Rebels. The bomb dropping argument was a lie, just like the viagra tale that was made up by the Rebels in order to demonize Gaddafi and the people that support him.

Gaddafi never said that he would start a genocide in Benghazi. He did threaten to kill all those who were part of the armed uprising against the green government of Libya. It were these people that have attacked Libyan barracks and set police stations ablaze.

If people in England were to attack barracks, I wonder if Cameron would idly sit by, or use far stronger words than the ones used against the rioting youth in his own country.

When NATO took control of the mission they call 'Unified Protector' on March 31, they seemed to have only one real goal: make sure the Rebels and their shaky National Transitional Council get control of Libya and get rid of Gaddafi and all those that support him.

During 4 and a half months of bombing and killing NATO has not succeeded in their goal of regime change. But they intend to use all necessary means to make sure that their Rebels conquer all towns and villages in the country.

Somehow NATO has given itself the right to kill and destroy people in the Libyan army, and why? Not because the army is attacking civilians, but because they are defending themselves and their cities against the attacks by NATO and their Rebels.

The world watches how NATO is bombing the Libyan army into kingdom come to make sure that the Rebels can conquer cities that don't want to be conquered by the mainly Islamist Rebels and their former colonial occupiers. On August 13, 2011, there was a Reuters Report (1) talking about the Rebels' advance on Zawiyah. In that report you can read the following excerpt:

"God willing, we will be attacking Zawiyah in one or two days," said local rebel commander Mokhtar Lakdar.

Judging by impact craters, wrecked buildings and burned-out tanks, NATO warplanes have bombed government military targets on the route of the rebel advance over the past week, providing close air support.

This is what NATO has been doing for months. They are not unified in protecting civilians, they are unified in protecting the Rebels and making sure that they can advance towards Tripoli, no matter how many soldiers or civilians get killed (2). They are not a defensive force, but clearly an attacking force.

On Friday, August 12, there were attacks by NATO on checkpoints between Misrata and Tawurgha (3). The Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister, Khalid Kaim said that the tribe of Bani Walid chased these Rebels out of their town.

How long will it take - if it didn't happen already - for NATO to attack tribesmen who defend their cities and towns against the NATO-backed Rebels? (5)

People from the NATO countries need to consider the possibility that millions (and perhaps even the majority) of Libyans don't want the Rebels and they don't want NATO's bombs either.

It seems that more and more Libyans are getting sick and tired of the stinking alliance between certain Libyans and the NATO War Organisation. This sentiment together with a yearning for the way things were, makes people who were neutral in the conflict move towards the Jamahiriya, to move closer to Gaddafi and the way he has organized the country through his system of direct democracy. This can be seen by the big anti-NATO demonstrations that took place in June and July (6)

In september the United Nations need to prolong the resolutions on Libya, and it is likely that Russia will no longer support the attack war mission that NATO has made of the 'protecting civilians'-resolution. NATO is desperate to attain their goals and bombs every Libyan soldier or tank that it can in order to make sure their Rebels can make advances. They seem to be completely blind to the fact that they are not simply fighting and killing for the Libyan people, but are in many ways fighting against the Libyan people.

We in the western world need to wake up to this fact and defend the rights of the 'green' Libyans to defend themselves against the NATO-backed aggression against their cities and villages.

On August 13, 2011 Minister Louis Farrakhan held an impressive speech in Harlem, NY - You can watch it at (7). On August 16, NATO held another press conference. Take a look at it and don't forget to read some of the comments (8).


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