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If we were to believe the main stream media Tripoli is about to fall and the Rebels are closing in from all sides with their NATO airforce bombing everything that resists their infantery on the ground.

The Libyan government on the other hand claims that these reports are grossly exaggerated from the media working for the NATO- countries and Qatar. When you follow twitter it looks as if Jalil and Jabril are already the new kings of Libya, still without any ministers, but they can be provided for by France, Qatar, England and the United States.

From my position in the Netherlands I can only guess what is the truth, but based on the huge number of lies in the past by the western media who were responsible for resolution 1973, thereby approving the all-out war between the Libyan people. This injustice, together with the terrible history of American Foreign interventions, makes me want to support the opponents of NATO and this media war until the very end, although I can't be sure if they are speaking the truth.

This page presents the latest developments from those sources who question NATO's war for regime change in Libya. If you have any videos or information please send it to me through email, or by adding a comment below. Let's unite against this illegal war on the Jamahiriya of Libya.

AUGUST 21, 2011

In the night of saterday 20 and sunday 21 of August, 2011 there were reports in the media that there was heavy fighting going on in Tripoli. When you try to keep up to date you have to rely on the main stream media most of the time, which - you know - are very biased against Gaddafi and all the people who support him. Hardly ever do the media present the voice of those who oppose NATO and their Rebels. I guess the best thing to do is remain very sceptical and wait.

Here's a report by Lizzie Phelan through Russia Today from Sunday, August 21:

In (2) we can read a report by Lisa Karpova 'No Celebrations in the Future for NATO' from which I would like to present a few excerpts:
"The lies and disinformation have been flowing fast and furious. NATO is trying to use the media to create the false illusion of an impending NATO victory. For those of us who know better, it's extremely annoying to say the least.

They keep putting out reports that their terrorist clients have taken A, B and C, when it's total fabrication. A few of the terrorists get together and take a picture, trying to make themselves look like there are more of them than there really are, they ship the picture to their masters and instant Hollywood, next thing you know the rag group group gets chased away or better yet wasted by Libyan armed forces.

...You can almost sense the blood lust and the desperation of NATO, desperate for some kind of success, any kind of success, even if it's make believe media created. So there will be no celebrations in Paris, London or Washington.

Confidence is high in Libya. People are banding together more than ever before since the threat to their way of life has never been greater. The aggressors, the invaders, the bombers have won no one's hearts and minds." (2) 

Rayyisse's Youtube Channel has presented a few new videos, unfortunately still only in Arabic:
  • Gaddafi's Speech in the early hours of sunday 21, 2011 (3, translated and with voice-over by 108Morris108: 19)
  • Press Conference by Moussa Ibrahim reassuring the people in Tripoli (4)
  • People Celebrating again in Tripoli (5)
Brega would again be in the hands of the Green Army, as we can read in a BBC-update (6):
"Pro-Gaddafi forces have been fighting back at the oil port of Brega, with the rebels admitting that they had fallen back from the eastern town's industrial zone under heavy bombardment.'
...However, rebel military spokesman Col Ahmed Bani confirmed that rebel forces had fallen back in the eastern oil port of Brega.Brega, home to Libya's second-largest hydrocarbon complex and where oil from the country's main fields is refined, has repeatedly changed hands during the six-month-old conflict. "Yesterday, the industrial zone was under our complete control, but the truth is that today the situation has changed due to heavy artillery shelling," Col Bani said on Saturday.

"We withdrew to the eastern part of the industrial zone."

In an audio broadcast shortly afterwards, Col Gaddafi congratulated his supporters for repelling the rebels. "Those rats were attacked by the masses tonight and we eliminated them," he said. "I know you are happy and I saw the fireworks in Green Square, I know that there are air strikes but the fireworks were louder than the air bombing." His son, Saif al-Islam, ruled out any possibility of surrender. "I see ourselves as victorious, I see our position is strong," he said in a speech on state TV. He did, however, urge the rebels to open talks. "If you want peace, we are ready," he said. The Libyan leader certainly has support in Tripoli, our correspondent says. Pro-Gaddafi men and women have received weapons training in recent weeks, while checkpoints have sprung up across the city (6)
Propaganda Attack on Tripoli
Here's a German analysis on the propaganda by NATO (7). For those who can speak German:
Der räuberische Angriffskrieg der NATO und ihrer Propaganda-Organe gegen Libyen wird immer bizarrer. Nach der erneuten Falschmeldung von einer angeblich vollständigen Eroberung von Brega durch die Contras der NATO, versuchen sich unseriöse Medien wie Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, France24 und so weiter gerade an einer großen Propaganda-Attacke auf Tripolis.

In this article by Marie Edwards (9) we can read about the way gangs seem to rule the streets of Benghazi.

"In Benghazi homes are raided, neighbors dragged off, suspects executed. Many people are unemployed. Large companies, including German construction firm Bilfinger Berger, have pulled out of the city. Young men race around town with tires screeching, others strut around in public buildings brandishing their knives. At night, the streets are reminiscent of Sao Paolo gang wars, the only difference being that the youths here wear flak jackets."

Watch a video by InomineX, made on August 20, 2011 in which he argues that one of the videos spread to prove that the Rebels would be in control of Zlitan is a false one. See (10)

Read more about this article by Matthias Gebauer in der Spiegel (11)
Germany shocked the world in March went it opposed NATO action against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. But recently released documents show that German soldiers serving in NATO units in Italy are helping to select targets for alliance airstrikes.
Great Honest Report (12) by Nazemroya on NATO's Bombings of Check points, mainly manned by Volunteers. He is part of the Center for Research of Globalisation (15), which has mirrored this page on their site as I write (16).


123VivaDjazair (13) is working on translations for the speeches by Moussa Ibrahim that were given in Arabic. Here's a preliminary piece on the Briefing of August 20, 2011; a more extended translation will follow.
For the video 20.8 dr moussa address very little change and Zliten has become a grave for many of the rebels ....lots of them died and Dr Moussa expresses his sorrow despite the fact that it is not the Government's fault.

Zawia center has been heavily bombarded ( a huge crime by NATO) .. to pave way for the press and a handul of rebels to go in and make their propaganda videos ( there are still grey areas here) but I am sure the rebels do not control Zawia.

Brega oil complex was never entered .. rebels entered the housing complex miles away from the oil terminal but they were severely punished ...and they are out of the deserted housing complex.

Taken from Mathabanet, August 21 (14).

''He said he is so disappointed in the West, as they formerly "behaved like they were my friends and I've been happy and glad about that. I thought I was part of a new international movement that believed in the truth... but in this conflict I saw a different West, I saw the West I read about in history books, the West of... killing and occupation, the West that came to this country 100 years ago and killed my grandfathers and uncles, the West that had no morals and no conscience..."

He said that the only difference is this "new West" is living in the illusion of morality and the illusion of conscience, it has this amazing media machine, that spins everything and makes the world live in an illusion.

Report by ALAIN JULES, AUGUST 21, 2011
In a French Report by Alain Jules (17) we can read about the absurdity of the Rebel gains in Zawiyah. The author wonders how these Rebels are going to hold on to the city of Zawiyah when they would all head to conquer Tripoli? He suggests that this war is more of a media circus than anything else. Here's a part of his article:

Zahouïa -Alors qu’ils sont incapables de prendre la ville, comment feront-ils pour avancer vers Tripoli ? Les « qui » resteront donc sur place pour sécuriser la cité après leur départ vers Tripoli ? Personne ne se pose la question. Les médias « meanstream » sont visiblement de piètres stratèges militaires. Il est toujours important de garder ses arrières en cas de repli.

1.Tripoli is safe, some claimed that the rebels were in airport.The jounalists were taken to the airport in order to verify the security of the area.
2.Zliten is in firm control of the Libyan armed forces. some rebels tried to come from misrata ( dafniyah) direction but they died in the gates of Zliten.
3.Brega is secure and safe under the Libyan armed forces.
4.Some pockets of resistance are in some west cities,especialy in surman city, but they face poplar resistance and they are eventually defeated.
5.The armed gangs have not made any progress at all.On the contrary they are now facing defeat or suicide.
6.Libya always wanted a political solution to this crisis bt the other part rejected any African Union or international peace effort and proposal.
7.Dr Al Baghdadi al Mahmoudi called the Secretary gerneral of the united nations and suggested that Mr. Ban kim Moon and a high delegation of the AU to come in Tripoli and investigate the NATO crimes against the citizens and the violations of resolutions and also to make a combined effort to bring peace without any external agendas.


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