In the news bulletin from the Free Syrian Press on January 27, 2013 (1) we can hear about an initiative in the Syrian village of Al-Salamiyyeh, in the Hama countryside, where students and the Association of Youth have joined forces to rehabilitate their schools which were used by these western-backed terrorist killing squads.

The town of al-Salamiya witnessed a cruel bomb explosion on January 21 that killed 32 citizens and caused the destruction of the National Hospital. The Syrian Ministry then aptly described the act as "another coward act against safe citizens", adding: 

 "This terrorist act came as a revenge against the people of al-Salamiya who expressed their rejection of terrorism and determination to preserve the security of their city and properties and the lives of their sons," the Ministry's letters said (2).

On the same day there was a demonstration in the town of Hammouriyeh in Damascus Countryside, where the inhabitants demanded the removal of all terrorists from their town. They desired the return of peace and security and they hoped the Syrian Arab Army was able to help them (3).

The town of Aqraba, also in the Damascus Countryside has seen the return of a number of families, because the Syrian Army has restored stability in the town, after armed gangs robbed the civilians' houses, sabotaged the municipal building, schools, mosques and a kindergarten (4). 

In the Syrian Free Press bulletin we can also hear a British analyst, Danny Meki, talk about the ugly way Arab News Agencies (like Al-Jazeera) are nothing but propaganda channels to support their state's position of regime change in Syria through violence. Read more about a journalist that could no longer work at Al-Jazeera because of this propaganda policy at World Mathaba (5).
(1) (watch from 5'40")