Ever since the death of Gaddafi I have been less occupied with the Libyan situation, after having spent far too much time on the issue for over half a year. Some people claim that it was in fact not Gaddafi that was killed, but some look-a-like from Sirte. That would be a major surprise, but the horrible images that we have seen resemble Moammar Gaddafi a bit too much as far as I'm concerned.

The anti-Imperialist Jamahiriya supporters have hoped for it for a long time, and now it has finally come: at the first of november the United Nations Security Council ended the resolution which allowed NATO to carry out the 'no-fly-zone' resolution that was used to wipe Gaddafi from this world and kill the Jamahiriya and anyone protecting it with arms (1).

We also hear reports (2) about both Saif al-Islam and Abdullah al-Senoussi who would be traveling alongside the Tuaregs between the borders of Niger and Algeria to head for Mali. Perhaps they are going to make it into safety there, without being killed by the killer squads that roam Libya today. Perhaps they are going to go to ask to be handed over to the ICC, which would allow Saif Al-Islam to eloquently talk about the way NATO has abused the UN-resolution. The ICC will be exposed, just like the shaky foundations of their evidence (3), and he doesn't risk ending up dead like his father.

@somaliasupport2, a popular twitter account insisted that Saif Al-Islam was still in Libya with the Green Resistance. The Algerian press bureau ISP also denied that Saif al-Islam would want to hand himself over to the ICC (9). "Why would a free man surrender to those who have killed his father, his brothers and Libya, to side with the criminal Rebel gangs?", he would have said.

Another interesting development which I received through Brian Souter was about a meeting at the Qatari capital of Doha of the so-called 'Friends of Libya' with our 'mr. Economy' Mustafa Jalil and the crown prince Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani (see image) (4). In the accompanying article we can hear the admission of Qatar that there were hundreds of Qatari involved as boots on the ground in the war on Gaddafi's Jamahiriya. For those who have the time to invest in some videos on the Qatari matters I recommend (5,6, 7), and the article on the Qatari Tanks (8).

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