On Thursday April 21, 2011 we could read that our American friends are now speaking of introducing their fabolous, brave and unmanned armed drones - which have killed some 1400-2300 people in the region of Waziristan in Pakistan - in Libya as well.

And US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said the American military would use armed drones over Libya, calling them a "modest contribution" to the coalition's military campaign against Kadhafi.

"They give you a capability that even the A10 (anti-tank aircraft) and AC130 (ground attack aircraft) couldn't provide," he told a press briefing in Washington.
(Border Post Seized, NATO warns Civilians)
We already know the A10 from its use of depleted uranium in order to effectively break through tanks.

A day after the decision was made to use drones in Libya we could hear about another 22 people killed near the Afghan border after a disputed drone-attack by the American Army (see At least 22 killed by US-drone). We shouldn't want these kinds of wargames to be used on people, especially in sovereign countries which haven't invaded any other country.