On this page I will collect articles and videos dealing with racism in NATO's Libya. If you come across any recent videos dealing with racism please contact me, so I can add it to this page.

The main reason for the initial aggression and killings of dark-skinned Africans in Libya was due to the false claim by channels like Al-Jazeera who said that the Libyan Army would be using foreign mercenaries to fight the people of Libya. This was later proved to be false by Human Rights Watch (1). They turned out to be Libyans from the southern parts of the country.

This tendency to attack dark skinned people also seems to be the result of some feeling of superiority that is felt by some groups in Libya. Gaddafi has done a great deal to give more support and dignity to the black people of Libya. That might explain why they tend to be supportive of the Jamahiriya: Gaddafi has been really good to them, just as he supported the freedom of the black people in South Africa against apartheid. He is a good friend of Nelson Mandela.

These raids against the black people of Libya, especially by the Eastern Libyan Rebels, have also aggravated Afro-Americans like Louis Farrakhan (2, Harlem speech August 13, 2011, below) and former Congress member Cynthia McKinney (3, video from march 2011, below)

There are horrendous videos to be found on youtube about the way darker Africans were treated by the ones that are the darlings of NATO. I will not post any of them here, because they are simply to terrible to watch. What follows is a video of Rebels threatening a group of Nigerian migrant workers in Tripoli after NATO's ruthless demolition of Tripoli's ability to defend themselves against the invaders (4):

On August 31, 2011 an article appeared about dark-skinned immigrants in Tripoli (5), they are afraid to get out of their houses, because they might get attacked or even killed:

''Since the opposition fighters entered Tripoli, I have barricaded myself at home with two other African friends. One is from Ghana, the other from Togo. In my neighbourhood there are Guineans, Malians, Liberians and Nigerians: all are hiding in their homes and won’t go out. Our embassies aren’t answering the phone, and we don’t know what to do, or who to go to for help.

It’s extremely dangerous for us Africans to stay outside for long, because of our skin colour. When [anti-Gaddafi fighters] see a black man, they attack and insult him, and the women and children cheer. The brother of one of my friends was driven off in a pick-up truck a few days ago and hasn’t been seen again. They think we are Gaddafi’s mercenaries.'' (5)


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