Mark Stephens (left) was Julian Assange's Lawyer for about 8 months
Mark Stephens (left) was Julian Assange's Lawyer for about 8 months

Prompted by a discussion after the publication of an article on Julian Assange at World Mathaba in November 2012 (1), I decided to delve a bit deeper into a rumour that was launched in december 2010 by someone on a forum (2), which was quoted by This rumour claims that because Julian Assange hired a lawyer whose firm also defends Rothschilds interests, Julian Assange would therefore be a Rothschilds Puppet. 

Let's start with the reasoning by someone on that forum calling himself 'secretagent', remember that it is december 2012, and Assange was given an Swedish arrest warrant in september 1,  2011.

"It has emerged recently that Assange is in the UK since October which means that all those three successive and massive US documents "leaks" have been orchestrated by him from his secret residence in the UK. So why is this done from the UK. The answer is because that is where he is the closest from his masters, the super powerful dynastic Rothschild banking and zionist family. And now here comes the proof that this is indeed the case: 

Assange's lawyer is the prominent Mark Stephens whose law firm Finers Stephens Innocent is legal adviser to the Rothschild Waddesdon Trust which is concerned with the "maintenance, improvement and payment of certain of the outgoings in respect of Waddesdon Manor (Rothschild's most prestigious property in the UK) in the Vale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire."

The Wadesdon Trust's board of trustees is chaired by the Queen''s former Private Secretary Lord Fellowes and has three Rothschild family members as trustees, Lord (Jacob) Rothschild, Lady Rothschild (his wife) and Beth Matilda Rothschild. It is domiciled 14 St James's Place in London which is also the London address of Lord Jacob Rothschild and his high profile wealth management business St. James's Place Group (formerly J. Rothschild Assurance Group) (link).  Besides that, and as a side note, Mark Stephens law firm Finers Stephens Innocent appears to have a strong focus in providing tax avoidance advisory services to mega-rich customers (see Michael Lewis and Simon Malkiel particularly) such as, I suspect, Sir Philip Green who advises the government on how to recover the mega money his and his peers avoid to pay in taxes thanks to the services of Finers Stephens Innocent's lawyers by squeezing public services, etc....(link)

In summary Assange's lawyer is a high profile establishment lawyer whose law firm works for the Rothschilds. It seems to me that this is proof enough that Assange is a Rothschild puppet and that Wikileaks is a Rothschild operation. Do you agree?"

The intention of this current article is not to go into depth about all the theories around the Rothschild's family. There was an article on the Rothschilds a while ago on World Mathaba (3) which you might want to read, if you want to find out more about this family. 


Mark Stephens, Julian Assange and Jennifer Robinson

In the rumour, Mark Stephens is portrayed as some kind of evil lawyer to the Rothschild's imperium. When you, however, take a look at the cases he has defended in his career, that portrayal doesn't seem fair (4). Mark Stephens has made fame in defending various creative artists on the basis of freedom of expression. He has defended Greenpeace against Dutch Royal Shell; he succesfully defended a mineworkers Union against the British government, fighting against the closure of 31 mines. 

He also defended victims of the Lockerbie bombing, and family of British soldiers who were killed by friendly fire during the Gulf-war. He defended war journalists, Tasmanian Aboriginals and he again fought against Shell in a Russian case. He even supported pro bono the two activists Steel & Morris in their case against McDonalds. This long-lasting case was about Helen Steel & David Morris spreading leaflets entitled 'What's wrong with McDonalds?' in 1985.

He has been very critical about the way the current laws have trouble with dealing with the digital age. He is described as an expert on media matters. 

When you ask me, this man doesn't strike me as a cruel and evil lawyer, and it would make sense for Assange to hire a lawyer with a record of fighting for activists, against governments and with expertise on media and the freedom of expression. If you would apply the same 'secretagent'-logic to all the people Mark Stephens defended, the Aboriginals on Tasmania, Greenpeace as a whole, the Mineworkers Union, Helen Steel and David Morris would all be Rothschild-puppets.


Somewhere between september 2010 and november 2010 Julian Assange took on Mark Stephens as his lawyer, and after a dispute in which Assange accused Stephens' law firm for 'extreme overcharging', their ways parted in June 2011 (5). He then switched to the human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce. Perhaps there is a connection between Gareth Peirce and Rothschild as well, but if Assange would have been an 'Rothschild Puppet' he wouldn't have complained about Mark Stephens and the £412,000 advance of his unauthorized autobiography that Stephens withheld from Assange, would he? 

Money would have been no problem at all. But money seems to have been a problem all along, especially after Visa and Master Card refused to allow any money donations to flow to Wikileaks. If he were a true Rothschild Puppet it would seem rather illogical to end the contract with the 'Rothschild lawyer' Mark Stephens after less than a year, wouldn't it?


Just because Julian Assange has picked a media-expert lawyer with a good name when it comes to defending clients like Greenpeace, the Tasmanian Aboriginals, creative artists against corporations and governments, it doesn't make it likely that Assange would solely on that basis be a Rothschild puppet, because Mark Stephen's law firm has connections with Rothschild. The fact that Assange left Stephens' firm after some 8-9 months makes it even less likely that Assange and Rothschild have some secret connection and that the Rothschild's family would be behind Wikileaks altogether.

It seems more likely to me that the person who introduced this rumour, back in 2010, was so thrilled when he discovered a link between Assange's lawyer and Rothschild that he - not unlike many MSM-believers - concluded that Assange would have to be part of the Rothschild empire.

For me it shows that even though the Main Stream Media often lie and distort information, the alternative media can as easily lie and manipulate in order to suit their own concepts and theories. It is therefore advisable to be aware of both ends of the continuum between the MSM and the alternative media, and use your own ability to discern and often you can verify a lot by searching the internet for a number of hours. 



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