I love the reports by Pepe Escobar. On January 28, 2013, he talked to RT (*) on the failures of the US policy in both Libya and Egypt. Pepe has got the gift to speak with a smile and still have a very strong analysis (1). For me he is an example of the ideal journalist. He says things like: "As far as Egypt, the US was finally embracing the crazy policy of the Qatari Government, which you can sum up as nothing but Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab World."

He states that the majority of the people who were protesting against the Mubarak-government were students, workers, the Left in General, not Salafists or Muslim Brotherhood kind of types. Escobar talks about Brennan who is going to be the new head of the CIA. Pepe expects many more shadow wars coming from the CIA, which are likely to take place in countries like Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Algeria etc.
(*) Since I also truly admire RT for their original take on geo-politics, I have this thing about getting to know at least the names of the presenters. At On Air Talent you can see the faces of all presenters and journalists working for RT, but I can't seem to find the picture of this dark-skinned female presenter. If anyone knows her name, please let me know! On January 31, 2013 I came across this presenter again in an item on the Israeli strike on Syria and there I saw her name: Thabang Motsei

(1) Also see Trying to move Beyond Imperialism vs anti-Imperialism at http://waterput.yolasite.com/english/trying-to-move-beyond-imperialism-vs-anti-imperialism 


Brian Souter (see tweet below) referred to the relativity of  the 'US failures'. In regard to Libya one could say that it has been a success because they were able to remove the 'King of Africa', Moammar al-Gaddafi, leaving the country behind in ruins, where BP and Shell are running away because they are scared of the Salafists. Tearing down any country that is critical towards the US-perspective can be regarded as a success for the US. In that sense what happened to Egypt cannot be called a succes, in any way, really. The US seem to have lost their favorite puppet, having been replaced by this unpredictable Muslim - Qatari - Brotherhood guy called Morsi.

Thanks, Tatjana, a Serbian woman living in Greece, for paying attention to this current article in your Daily News at paper.li