On June 17, 2011 there was a mass demonstration on the Green Square in Tripoli. Although the NATO-journalists would like to add that these demonstrations were against the terrible dictator Gaddafi, it was clearly the opposite. The people in Tripoli were demonstrating to show support for Gaddafi and against the relentless attacks by NATO.

In a video we can see Stephanie Gosk, a journalist from the American NBC News (see picture) talking about what happened to her and a few other journalists in Tripoli on the day of the anti-NATO (and their rebels) protests.

She says that during the demonstration more and more Libyans expressed their anger at NATO and the numerous lies that were spread by the western media in support of the NATO-puppets in Benghazi.

You can see for yourself if these people in Tripoli are telling the truth or not by watching a few press conferences by the Libyan Government and see how much of the contents are actually reported by the journalists in their Rixos-hotel.

I would suggest the English Press Conferences of June 12, June 17 and May 31

You would be surprised how little of the information that was given actually appeared in Western media. All we get is the predictable war propaganda about Viagra-pills and rapes.

Perhaps NATO should consider protecting the civilians in Libya against the rebels in the east who instigated all these deaths and foreign intervention, who so proudly wave the flag of the Idriss monarchy that held close ties with the same powers that now bomb the nation?

Gaddafi in his speech reminded the Libyans of those times when the American flag was blowing next to the rebel flag in Melaha, and the British flag in Tobruk and the French flag in Sabha. It seems that the colors of that flag always attract foreign countries.