On January 28, 2013, Syria has sent two letters to the UN in which the plans are outlined that were presented by President Assad during his speech on January 6, which were ridiculed by many western media (1). 
One element is that all legal prosecutions against any opposition political figure is stopped when that particular person participates in the national dialogue which could bring about peace in Syria, as long as there are people willing to join the National Dialogue, and stop the killing, looting and bombing (2).

The Ministery of National Reconciliation called upon all citizens to give names of people that are missing, so the ministry can make lists and keep them updated as soon as new information comes in.
Both FM Sergej Lavrov from Russia and FM Ali Akbar Salehi from Iran supported the process of National Reconciliation. In Moscow, Lavrov had a meeting with his Belgian counterpart, Didier Reynders, where they talked about Syria (amongst many other things (3)), 

Through twitter, Brian Souter alerted me about a secret memo that said that 1,200 Saudi prisoners fought the Assad regime to avoid beheading (4). Imagine that: what do you prefer: fight in Syria or get your head cut off?

There would have been clashes in the Damascus countryside between two terrorist groups who would have fought each other about weapons, money and stolen goods (2). One leader of these terrorist group would have been killed. Perhaps it was one of those Saudi prisoners, who knows?

In the news bulletin we get many examples of killings by the Syrian Arab Army against the various terrorist hold-outs in the country. I won't bother to name them all here, since you will probably have forgotten them as soon as you have started reading the next sentence.

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