As we know NATO is keen to oust Gaddafi and put their western minded NATO-Rebels in charge of Libya. It is also clear that NATO doesn't desire any peace settlement. They are only willing to talk when their goals are already met: the removal of Moammar Gaddafi from office, no matter how popular he may be in Libya (and no matter how unpopular the NATO Rebels may be in the country).

So NATO continues to bomb civil areas that oppose NATO and cause fear and more resentment towards them and their Rebels.

Everyone who is against NATO is automatically branded as a Gaddafi Loyalist and therefore will - if they don't surrender  -  'face destruction', to cite the term that NATO used to scare all those who oppose the NATO's Rebels.

In an article that appeared in 'Wales Online' on June 15, 2011 we could read the following fear-induction technique that shows us the way our western nations work in Libya:

"On Tuesday night Nato warplanes struck targets in Libyan capital Tripoli, while allied aircraft also dropped leaflets warning Gaddafi's forces to abandon their posts in Zlitan, near the rebel-held city of Misrata.

The leaflets, bearing a Nato symbol and a picture of an RAF Apache attack helicopter and burning tanks, carry the message in Arabic: "There's no place to hide. It's not too late to stop fighting. If you continue to threaten civilians, you will face destruction." (see image)

As we can read in the article on Gaddafi Loyalists  NATO seems to define their Rebels as civilians, even if they are armed, and everyone who is against them is a Loyalist, whether they are armed civilians or military men. The message to them is reminiscent of the way the Borg from the Star Trek Series encountered other species: Resistance is Futile, we will destroy you from the air with our big Apaches, because we are protecting civilians and we kill everyone who opposes us or our friends.

We have the right to decide who is right and who is wrong. This is how we enforce a no-fly zone: we destroy everyone that resists our take on reality. You have no right to defend your country against foreign troops and rebels you don't acknowledge.

See my youtube-channel for more. The Quote is taken from Wales Online, June 15, 2011

I would strongly recommend the Press Conference by the Governments spokesman Moussa Ibrahim at Youtube in which you can hear that many Libyans are armed. So, imagine that the city of Zlitan which is threatened with Apache-warhelicopters is filled with armed people who oppose NATO and their rebels. How realistic is it to expect that all these people would throw away their weapons to allow these Rebels who invited the NATO airstrikes on Libya to get control over their cities? It simply shows the incredible stupidity of the warmongers of NATO.

Somehow the people in the NATO-countries don't see that the theory of a whole nation being against some cruel dictator is a completely foolish and simplistic view of reality. If there were really so many people in favor of the rebels and against the Libyan government, they would have - like Moussa Ibrahim said - have attacked Tripoli from all sides to topple Gaddafi. But that doesn't happen because most of the people in Libya don't want the rebels and they don't want foreign troops establishing banks, destroying their country, and killing fellow Libyans. More and more people are starting to regard the rebels as traitors, selling out their country to the former colonial powers.

It is sad to see the number of nations who are actually supporting these rebels from Benghazi. It seems to be the direct result of the magic propaganda that is thrown over us in the Western Media. They can, however, admit their mistakes and make their apologies to Gaddafi and the Libyans.