After weeks of bombing Sirte, a number of civilians have finally spoken out about how NATO is terrorizing the city of Sirte, and according to some civilians NATO is supporting a genocide.

In an article from the Australian (1) we can read the following words from those who were forced to leave their city:
"It has been worse than awful," said Riab Safran, 28, as his car was searched by revolutionary fighters. His family had been sleeping on the beach, he said. "They have hit all kinds of buildings: schools, hospitals," he said, referring to NATO airstrikes. He said he could not distinguish between NATO and NTC attacks but believed it was a NATO bomb that destroyed part of his home on Saturday. NATO said it hit a number of military targets including a rocket launcher, artillery, and three ammunition stores.

Another resident said: "NATO bombing is killing civilians. Where is the United Nations? Where is the Muslim world to stop this genocide of the people of Sirte?"

The man, who gave his name as Mohammed Ali Alum Sekily, said six members of his family had been killed, but declined to give details. An eight-day-old baby brought out in one car was born on the beach, the family said."

Below is a video from September 25, 2011, clearly showing how the NATO Rebels are indiscriminately firing their rockets on the city of Sirte, and as we have learned: NATO only protects civilians who are on their side (2) which makes the situation in Sirte a very sad one, showing the cruel face of imperialistic power.