On the early morning of Saterday July 30, 2011 NATO decided to once again bomb the Libyan TV. This clearly shows how desperate NATO has become. Now they even claim that they have the right to bomb the State Television since they are 'protecting civilians' from 'terror broadcasts'!

I have uploaded many videos from the Jamahiriya TV Station where a English News bulletin is broadcast at 7 PM Libyan time. What they show the Libyan people are pictures of the devastations caused by the NATO bombings, the civilians that have died are sometimes shown graphically.

They also talk about 'the Colonial Crusader NATO aggression', which only seems reasonable when you take a look at the number of people that they have killed. They also show the many anti-NATO demonstrations that have taken place the last couple of weeks in various cities in Libya. Is that what you would call 'Terror Broadcasts'?

It seems more likely that NATO doesn't want this message to be heard in Libya, nor in the world. If they could shut down the national Libyan TV it would become harder for people in Libya and in the world to know what is really going on, which would create more space for their propaganda machines to manipulate the minds of the people in the world.

According to a few people that twitter from the Western Mountains NATO is actively supporting the 'Rebel Gangs' in attacking various villages. Someone reported that the Rebels actually fired grad missiles into these villages. If the NATO Troops were there really to protect civilians they would have attacked the Rebels, but they don't want to stop their friends from moving towards the green cities (also see Is NATO turning anti-Rebel Civilians into Gaddafi-Loyalists worth fighting?)

Source: Three Journalists killed in NATO raid (July 30, 2011); Cartoon taken from All-Voices

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