Through the facebook site of Cynthia McKinney we could read about secret American bombings on Yemen and about the selling of oil by the NATO Rebels to the United States. A US Company called Tesoro has according to CNN entered into a deal to refine 1,2 million barrels of oil from the East of Libya.

The U.S. has said that they will support the selling of oil by the Rebels as a means to support what they refer to as the Libyan people, as if the Rebels of the Transitional National Council are truly representives of the Libyan people. With the money earned with these kinds of deals the Rebels are able to buy weapons, since the weapons embargo against Libya is probably hardly checked when it comes to NATO's rebel friends.

It is funny that there are strict sanctions against Libya, but apparently these sanctions allow for the Rebels to ship their oil to the U.S.

source: Libyan Rebel Group sells first oil to United States

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