The NATO-countries are doing their utmost to help their Libyan rebels to power. They (the European parts) have recently opened an office to aid their friends in Benghazi (EU to open Office in Benghazi) and the next step is to deploy helicopters. The United Kingdom against Gaddafi has said that it is going to send Apache helicopters (image) and the French are going to use their Gazelle and Tiger Helicopter to speed up the victory of their East Libyan allies.

It is getting harder and harder to get information from Libya ourselves. This last weekend a youtube-account from someone who posted videos from the Libyan National Television was removed.

The Arab League has decided to no longer allow the Libyan State TV to be transmitted through their satellites PanArab and PanSat (see waterput)

This would make you wonder: what are we and the Libyan people not allowed to see or know? Why are the western nations together with their gulf emirs and kings so eager to prevent us from seeing anything from the non-rebel Libyan perspective?

In an article from the Guardian dated May 23th, 2011, 'Apache Helicopters to be sent into Libya by Britain' we can read words like 'with helicopters we can better protect civilians'. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to finally change these kinds of words into 'with helicopters we can better protect the armed rebels'. A while ago we were told that Misrata was in the hands of the rebels, now they need these huge helicopters to kill off the government army that is defending their country against armed rebels that want to control the country.

One of Gaddafi's sons (which was not executed by NATO), Saif Al-Islam (photograph) has often asked in the past for fact finding missions from Europe or the United States in order to check the claims made by the rebels and their western media agencies (see second half of youtube video (perhaps you'd better download it before it is also removed).

This request has never been met, except for a peace mission from London, which was able to track a number of civilian deaths because of the NATO bombings.

In the article from the Guardian we can also read a mind-boggling piece of contradiction from Alain Juppé, the French Foreign Minister:

"Our strategy is to step up the military pressure in the weeks ahead while pushing at the same time for a political solution."

It is absolutely clear that the NATO-nations (or the North Atlantic Rebel Protection Organisation) don't want a political solution: they want a military solution. They want to bomb Libya until Gaddafi surrenders or dies. They don't want to know facts about how popular Gaddafi is amongst many civilians in Libya. They just want him out and they will continue to ignore the peace proposals from the African Union, Russia and the Libyan leaders.

They continue to ignore the many complaints by their UN security council 'partners' about how they are abusing Resolution 1973. If they would truly adhere to the wishes of the international community they would sit down at the security council and talk to Russia, Brazil, China and India in order to regain a sense of working together. Now the NATO-nations avoid the United Nations security council, afraid as they are to lose their own legitimacy to kill off so many Libyans who are defending their country against armed rebels and bombing NATO-planes.

Now NATO can almost fly above their enemies in Libya and kill them more easily. We know what they can do with their helicopters in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

I am truly ashamed to be a European these days. Here we are, pretending to be part of a humanitarian mission in North-Africa, whereas we ruthlessly refuse to find a peaceful solution and we prefer bomb the country back into the middle ages, scaring the hell out of the people, especially in Tripoli. Because we think we can decide who is a legitimate leader in a souvereign country. It is amazing to notice that the public opinion is again so easily fooled as if we haven't learnt anything from Vietnam, Nicaragua, Chili, Afghanistan and of course the numerous lies on Iraq.

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