LATEST UPDATE ON November 1, 2011

Sometimes people ask me: ''Why are you so pro-Gaddafi?'', and then I answer them: ''I am not so much pro-Gaddafi, but more anti-NATO and anti-Media Manipulation, which makes me feel more sympathetic towards Gaddafi than to the Rebels with their aggressive NATO and its mighty propaganda machine, able to influence people at their will.''

When I looked at some of the Gaddafi glorification, I also think: ''that looks rather megalomanic''. With his picture on Green Square in Tripoli as one of the highlights (1). The Libya case is valuable for me because it clearly shows how truths can easily be twisted to serve the western elite. Let's take another example of this from today's newspaper in my country.

In the Netherlands much attention is given to a girlfriend of Mutassim Gaddafi - one of Moammar Gaddafi's sons - whose name is Talitha van Zon. She was in the same hotel as Franklin Lamb, the Corinthia, where she jumped from her balcony. In an interview with the British Sunday Telegraph (2) she said that she had jumped from her balcony as she was afraid to be attacked by the Rebels who had entered the hotel.

The remarkable thing in the article from the Dutch newspaper 'de Telegraaf' (3), is that Mi6-agents and American advisors of Hillary Clinton stress that she was lying and that there were no Rebels but two Gaddafi mercenaries 'as tall as a tree' from Chad who entered her hotel room to rape and murder her.

Even though she denies it herself the newspaper opens with the caption: "Kaddafi's darling lies". Somehow the newspaper prefers to believe the account of the Mi6-agents than the account of this Dutch woman herself. Why on Earth would she lie about anything like that?

It however suits propaganda better to uphold the idea of darling Rebels against the awfully big, black and evil Gaddafi mercenaries. Remarkable to say the least

Talitha, als je ooit dit berichtje zou lezen, op een goede dag, als je weer helemaal bijgekomen bent van je Libische nachtmerrie zou je contact met me willen opnemen? Ik ben wel benieuwd naar jouw beleving van dat Telegraafartikel en de manier waarop ze meer waarde hechten aan de mening van de geheime dienst dan aan die van jou.

A Dutch reader responded to my request for Talitha to write me about her ideas these Telegraaf/secret service-lies:

"I don't think that Talitha is going to contact you, unless you try to get in touch with her yourself. Last friday, or perhaps last monday the Dutch program ''RTL Boulevard'' said that Talitha's mother was banned from speaking in the public on this matter by the Dutch secret service AIVD''.

Apparently the secret services work together to uphold NATO's (crumbling) Fantasy Reality on Libya (4).

On september 5, 2011 Taltiha van Zon appeared in the Dutch media (5). She said that she came to Tripoli to find funds for a project for Alzheimer patients. She feels very sad about the lies that were spread about her. She felt as if she were brought to the slaughter house because of the media. When she told a reporter about the benificial projects that were run by the Gaddafi's she was met with disbelief, since that doesn't fit NATO's Reality (4). As you can see in the video below the Gaddafi-family have had numerous charitable causes and projects (6)

Update November 1, 2011
In Germany, a 23-year old model who has been the face for the Alice Mobile Phones commercials in Germany, Vanessa Hessler, said that the Gaddafi family were normal people and that she has had a passionate relationship with Muattasim Gaddafi. She was fired because she heroically wasn't willing to come back on these words. She has also said that the Rebels are people who don't know what they are doing (7)


(2) - Sunday Telegraph
(3) - Telegraaf, 29-8-2011