On Saterday, november 25, 2011 there was a meeting of tribal elders in the city of Zawiyah (1). According to @SomaliaSupport2 (2) the meeting was held without the presence of any NTC-members. During that meeting the tribes would have said that the NTC is completely isolated and would have no support from tribes or Rebel Militias.

We have heard similar sounds from the former NTC-minister of oil, Tarhouni who would have said that the current NTC only represents 10% of the Libyans at most (3).

During the tribal meetings held in the days of the Jamahiriya on May 6, 2011 there were also sounds that were against the bombings of NATO and the influence of foreign nations like Qatar on Libya (4). Tarhouni suggested that the role of Qatar in the new NTC was far too big.

@SomaliaSupport2 has said that the western media make it look as if the NTC has organized the meeting in Zawiyah, but that would not be the case. Imagine the following scenario in which the great majority of tribes can now strongly unite against the foreigners who are now politically in control in Libya. This 'common enemy', the Qatar-NATO NTC (5) could even unite the various Rebels and Militias because they probably don't like the idea either that they have fought for Qatar and NATO.
Perhaps it is time for all the Libyan people to unite collectively against the Imperialist Qatar-backed NTC!?

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(2) @somaliasupport2 is a popular twitter source with tweets going against NATO and Qatari meddling in Libyan affairs
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