On August 15, 2011 there was a meeting of various Tribal leaders coming from places in the Western mountains, Sirte and Sabha (amongst others). Below you can see a few of them talking about the recent developments; how they say that many 'Rebels' are not rooted in the area and that NATO has become the air- and seaforce of the Rebels (or like I have said before, the Rebels are the infantery of the NATO-Airforce who are conquering Libya together (1)).

This is by no means the first time that Tribal Leaders have spoken out against NATO and in favour of cease-fires and support of Gaddafi (5).


Steven Sotloff from Time Magazine published an article (2) in which he describes how the situation in Benghazi seems to be deteriorating by the day. Armed gangs walk around with Kalyshnikovs, shooting in the air all day, looting and threatening people. Sotloff says that a sentiment for nostalgia seems to be growing among the people in Benghazi, especially now the TNC (Transitional National Council) appears to be unable to quell the unrest. In his article a citizen from Benghazi says:

"There were a lot of problems under Gaddafi," says Ali, 41, a launderer who asked that his last name not to be published because he was speaking about a sensitive topic. "But at least we knew what to expect and he could provide us security. Today we don't know what will happen tomorrow, and that worries people." And with the NTC unable to assuage their concerns or arrest Younis' killers, residents there fear that the security situation will only deteriorate.
In an Arab/Spanish youtube video (3) that featured in Leonor's Blog (4) we can hear a woman, Leyla, who fled from Benghazi via Egypt and Tunisia to Tripoli, because she says that Benghazi has turned into, what she and other refugees call  'Kandahar Libya' [city in Afghanistan, ed.].

In an excellent report Stephen Lendmann mentions how the mass media has done their utmost to hide the truth and make it look like Gaddafi's forces are on the brink of collapse. In a contribution on August 17 he writes:
"With Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) falling apart and rebel forces in disarray, today's headlines belie the truth, reported by independent "un-in-bed-with" journalists and other sources." (6)
Stephen Lendmann also appears on Russia Today occasionally. You can watch a video at (7) right after NATO's Massacre on Majer

Jean Bricmont and Diana Johnston write 'Who will save Libya from its western Saviours?' with a few intriguing statements that I would to spread a bit further:

"This little war in Libya is exposing NATO as both criminal and incompetent. It is also exposing the organized left in NATO countries as totally useless.There has perhaps never been a war easier to oppose.  But the organized left in Europe is not opposing it." (8)


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey has written an interesting article called 'When Will NATO stop killing Libyan Children?' (9) in a Pakistani news paper, from this following quote is taken:

"Nato has a fundamental and underlying problem: it is a fraud, a phoney organisation which has long surpassed the founding ideals of its existence... Do the citizens of the UK know quite how much Prime Minister David Cameron is spending per week on bombing Libyan civilians, bombing the Libyan water supply and electricity grids to “break the people”? Find out, and see how you feel? It is utterly amazing." (9)

NATO must be as popular amongst the people in North-Western Pakistan as it is in Tripoli (and Mujer, Sabha, Zlitan, Brega, Tawurgha etc.).

You can find another article of him at (10), where this cartoon was taken from.

(2) In Benghazi, a Nostalgia for Gaddafi as Libya's Rebels Fail to Keep the Peace
(3) Beghazi is Kandahar Libya (Youtube)