On July 4, 2011 the Libyan Secretary General of the People's Committee, Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi, has said on the Libyan State TV that Libya considers the arming of the Rebels as a Declaration of War by France.

You can see this broadcast of the Libyan TV News at my channel on YouTube. At around 2'05" the words of a war declaration are spoken.

Even though Rasmussen and French War Minister Juppé have said that arming and protecting rebels is part of Operation 'Unified Rebel Protector' and fits within the bounds of the UN-resolutions on Libya, the behavior of France can as easily be described as an act of war.

Russia has expressed its serious doubts about the legality of France's (and NATO's) interpretation of the UN-resolution to include arming the revolt in a souvereign country (see Russia on Ambiguous Resolution: anyone can do anything for any purpose)

Perhaps it is indeed time to start changing the vocabulary. In effect everything looks like nations waging war on another nation's government. The foreign nations attack anything that is military that they can get their bombs on, they arm people who are revolting against their government; they block money which belongs to the Libyan people and they have killed at least 900 civilians according to numbers by the Libyan Jamahiriya.

The only difference between a 'normal' war and this war is the lack of ground troops actually doing the killing on Libyan soil. But by heavily supporting their rebels the NATO-countries are creating their own ground troops of people who get armed to the teeth and get lots of money from countries like Qatar, UK, France and Turkey.

The US and the other NATO countries are masters in media manipulation, as we have seen in many other coups and wars. Now they are actually waging war on Libya and seem to get away with it by creating a dense fog of contradictory lies and ambiguous words that are spread by parroting journalists in the NATO-countries.