Yesterday I listened to an interview on the Dutch radio with a woman who had contacts in Libya. In that particular interview she said that she wanted one of Gaddafi's sons, Matassim, to help her with a new project for the aid of people with Alzheimer. What was telling was the response of the interviewer, who remarked with a smile that Gaddafi is not really known for his charity projects, suggesting that Gaddafi was only the cruel dictator spending the money of Libya for his own family. You only need to take a look at (2) to get a different perspective on all the humanitarian projects that Gaddafi has launched for Libya and Africa.

As I have already mentioned before (3) the propaganda against Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya has worked quite well. You can watch many videos on my youtube-channel (4) to get a more balanced perspective, but once the anti-Gaddafi and pro-Rebel NATO mindset has established itself it is hard for people to move beyond that perspective.

Sometimes the propaganda gets a hold on me as well: it is tempting to just move into the camp that thinks that NATO has done a great job in assisting the emergence of ''democracy'' in Libya and to just talk along with most of the people around you.

How does this work, I wondered? I have tried to abstain from too many articles from the main stream media, with their pro-NATO terminology, but still it seems as if I am being influenced. As if somehow my thoughts are pulled into a certain direction. How would this work?

If you are open to the idea that our minds are powerful and produce thoughts that have effects (see some noetic research for more on this (5)) it might provide some clue: just imagine that in the first stage you have the powerful propaganda which sets the minds of the majority of people to the wanted consensus. Once that is accomplished, you have gained yourself millions of people who transmit or broadcast these ideas by repeating the propaganda that was provided for them. This leads to an almost mind-blowing noise which might just have a huge influence on the thought waves.

Perhaps these mechanisms really exist and it could explain how it becomes more and more difficult to tune into other perspectives. On top of that: why would you want to defend a 'cruel dictator' and not be happy for the emergence of a free democratic Libya? One of the most shocking stories was one from Reuters by Ben Hubbard (6) who talks in great lenghts about the way the Rebels have bravely fought the Jamahiriya, without even mentioning NATO as an element!

P.S. Although I like the image of the NATO- rhinoceros, I think the presence of the ''Rebel rats'' is a bit too much anti-Rebel. For other recent articles see (7,8)


(7) Libya, Yes, I'm saying that it's all lies
(8) The Real War starts Now (Pepe Escobar, September 6, 2011)