Although Al-Jazeera has proven not to be a reliable source on the war in Libya, we could try and elaborate on this development that was described on July 28, 2011. In an article 'Libyan Opposition arrests senior Leader'. Here we can read that general Abdel Fatah Younis (see image) would have been arrested by the Rebel Regime in Benghazi.

Would this imply that there are internal conflicts within the ranks of the Rebels? We remember Younes because he defected from the Libyan Government. Watch him speak in an interview from april 2011 in which he admits weapons being sent in from abroad.

General Abdel Fatah Younis, the chief of staff of the rebel forces in Libya, has been arrested by the National Transition Council.

He is being held at an undisclosed military garrison in Benghazi. An official statement from the NTC is expected soon on Thursday.

Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley, reporting from Benghazi, quoted unconfirmed reports as saying the former minister of interior was arrested for dealing with and smuggling arms to Gaddafi loyalists.

"He spent 40 years as one of Gaddafi's right hand men as minister of defence and in charge of the special forces. So when he came over five months ago to the opposition cause it was quite a coup. But some people have had their doubts about… his loyalties...

Some of his men have come back from the front line demanding his release. This is an ugly situation in the making," our correspondent said.

@GrayCardinal1 on Twitter claims that the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) would have started the revolt in Libya in order to get rid of Gaddafi and they might get frustrated by having so many former 'Gaddafi ministers' in the National Transitional Council.

@LibyanGeneral on Twitter adds that Guma Gamaty would actually lead the NFSL.

We know Guma El-Gamaty (picture) from his lies about 10,000 civilians that would have been killed by Gaddafi Forces and his rather strange yelling departure during an interview near the end of March 2011 which you can see at Youtube.

UPDATE (July 28, 2011)
It appears that generaal Younes was killed after he got arrested by the Rebel Regime. The NTC claims that they were ambushed by Gaddafi Forces, but we all know the extreme capacity of the NTC to lie towards the nations that believed them so much that they started a war on the Libyan people.

In Libyan Rebels say Military Commander Killed we can read words by Abdel-Jalil (image with his friend, Sarkozy), with a rather awkward warning that those who do not join the Rebel Regime will get arrested by the security forces. Now, that is what I call democracy!

Abdel-Jalil called Younis "one of the heroes of the 17th of February revolution," a name marking the date of early protests against Gadhafi's regime. While he criticized Gadhafi for seeking to break the unity of rebel forces, he did not say directly that Younis' killers were associated with the regime.

Instead, he issued a stiff warning about "armed groups" in rebel-held cities, saying they needed to join the fight against Gadhafi or risk being arrested by security forces.

UPDATE JULY 29, 2011:

Lizzie Phelan reported from Libya about the death of Younis. In her contribution, called 'Libya Diary, day 3' we can read the following interesting information about the alleged conflict between the NTC and the Islamists:

"**UPDATE (2am) the counterrevolutionaries have confirmed that Abd al Fatah Younis has been assassinated. Younis whose tribe has now split and is in deep divisions with his previous number two Khalifa Hefter (who is now in the western mountains), recently gave a speech saying all he and his followers want is Brega, not Misrata or any of the west and that Gaddafi can take it.

The Islamists killed him because they thought he was collaborating with Gaddafi. After the NTC announced that the fighting between the rebel army and the islamists was so bad that the council members had to flee Benghazi and they closed all communications to Benghazi. The Benghazi airport and army has been taken over by the Islamists."

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