Now that helicopters have entered the scene in the war on Libya by NATO and their Monarchs and Emirs from the Gulfstates, it is time to ponder about the alleged enemies of NATO. Is every Libyan who supports Gaddafi a potential target for annihilation by NATO forces?

We know that many Libyans still support Gaddafi and many of them distrust the Rebel Forces from the East and see them as traitors who sell off Libya for their own power. They distrust the Rebels not only because of the crimes that they have committed, but also because they invited foreigners to bomb Libyans on Libyan soil.

The spokesperson of the Libyans, Moussa Ibrahim told the press that the so-called 'Freedom Fighters' know that in a true, transparant democracy they will not gain the support of the Libyan people because of this (see the press conference series of May 30, 2011 at Youtube).

They need the foreigners to help them kill off as many Libyans who are against them, for without them they would lose control in no time. The NATO countries of course want something in return for all their military activity and that will probably come in the form of many contracts for western companies and a high level of control in the reign of NATO-engineered 'New Libya'.

NATO cannot retreat because they would have failed internationally and they would lose face. They cannot afford to be humiliated by Gaddafi, even if he has the support of millions of Libyans, willing to fight NATO in order to defend their country against eastern rebels that are backed by foreign former colonial powers and their bombing machines.

The question that needs to be asked is: who are the enemies of NATO? As we can see on the Libyan State TV and hear occasionally from the western press many civilians are learning to use weapons or are armed by the Libyan government. We can see images of women learning how to use weapons. In Sirte many civilians chased out the Rebels themselves in the end of March. Would NATO consider these people, who want to defend themselves against the Rebels, as their enemies?

The merger between NATO and the Rebels of the Transitional National Council has become so clear that it raises serious doubts about the future of this conflict. The Libyans who resist the Eastern rebels are a problem for NATO. Therefore they need to find a way to deal with these Libyans who oppose the Rebels and therefore oppose the bombings of NATO.

With every bomb that NATO throws on Libya, more Libyans are starting to detest the foreign intervention and consequently the Libyans who invited them in their country. More than 700 civilians would have been killed and an unknown number of Libyans who work in the Libyan army.

One way NATO is trying to influence public opinion is by calling everyone who opposes the NATO intervention and the Rebels from the East, Gaddafi Loyalists. Since we have been molded to think of a cruel dictator when we hear the name of Gaddafi, the people who support Gaddafi must be cruel and inhumane as well. In other words, to kill Gaddafi Loyalists, sounds almost like a noble act.

NATO needs the term 'Gaddafi Loyalists' and 'Freedom Fighters' to stress that they are themselves on the right side of this war. Imagine how it would sounds if newspapers would start talking about Libyans who oppose the Rebels, or Libyans who want NATO out of their country?

A reader reminded me of the way the US regarded nearly all Vietnamese people as enemies, as if they were an army that needed to be fought against.

We must be vigilant as to the possibility of this story repeating itself in Libya by calling millions of Libyan people who oppose the Rebels and NATO, the enemy that needs to removed by NATO Apaches, Tigres and Gazelles or some possible future deployment of ground troops.

The only thing that is more powerful than NATO is public opinion. But the western press agencies seem to concur in their anti-Gaddafi and pro-Rebel rhetoric which makes it difficult to voice another perspective.

But fortunately we have internet, which allows for a potential change in public opinion. One of the ways to express our desire for the real truth is to spread articles like these and to think that every time you come across the term 'Gaddafi Loyalists', you might think of all those Libyans who are against the Rebels and the NATO War Machines.

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- Anders Fogh Rasmussen, General Secretary of NATO taken from NATO in Libya Stalemate
- Women in Sirte learning to use weapons to defend themselves against the NATO-Rebel Alliance (Youtube, June 2, 2011)
- Is it Vietnam yet? taken from Never Yet Melted