(latest update november 19, 2011)

The Dutch newspaper 'The Telegraaf' opened on November 9, 2011 with big headlines reading 'Iran is building a Nuclear Bomb' (1). On the frontpage you could read the claims by the IAEA and another reiteration of the often used propaganda lie about Iran having said that Israel would need to be swept into the Mediterranean (2). At page 13 the story continues and there you read that there is no convincing evidence that indeed Iran is working on a nuclear bomb.

The Propaganda war on Iran has taken a new turn; apparently Syria was not as succesful as the Drone Empire, nuclear Israel and their Saudi dictator kings hoped. Somehow it seems that time is running short. Perhaps that's why they are aiming for the ultimate trophy: to get Iran back in the hands of the Global Corporate Capitalists.

They once again blatantly ignore the will of the people in the US Empire themselves: they have made it more than clear that they are fed up with the military aggression of their leaders all over the world. It would be better to invest money in them instead.

Obama, the first black president of the US staging a coup d'etat in Africa, might be the one telling us that Iran is another major threat to the world, just like they lied about the invasions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The Democratic-Republican hawks - in America's fake bipolar corporate democracy it is hard to distinguish between the two parties - will use their media control to incite hatred against Iran as much as they can.

Pepe Escobar has rapidly written his insights in an article called 'A bad case of nuclear Iranophobia' (3). In that particular article he reminds us of the caution that was expressed by the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), EL Baradei about any 'intelligence' on Iran. He was fully aware about the highly politicized interests that want to end the rule of the present Iranian government.

This insight was also expressed by the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov (6). Although France and Britain - still caught in their euphoria after killing Gaddafi and installing their own American Libyans, have tried to get a new United Nations Security Council resolution against Iran, Russia doesn't feel like any more sanctions, for it would create a situation for regime change.

Escobar also mentioned that Iran is China's third biggest oil-supplier (after Saudi Arabia (4) and Angola), where the amount of barrels of oil has even risen 50% during the last year. They won't be keen on any military attack on Iran. NATO has lost its credibility after forcing regime change out of a no-fly zone resolution.

On November 10, 2011 it turned out that China has also spoken out against further sanctions against Iran. They probably don't believe the IAEA either, which bases its assumptions on Iran's 'nuclear bomb' on intelligence agencies.
We have seen enough of the trustworthiness of these intelligency agencies in the days before the Iraq invasion. The new Japanese head of IAEA, Yukiya Amano (see image), might be just another US-European-Israeli strawman as is Ban Ki Moon (5). Wouldn't it be time for China and Russia to make a resolution in which Israel is forced to let their nuclear arsenal be monitored by the IAEA?

Why is Israel allowed to have nuclear weapons which are checked by none?

Update November 13, 2011
Iran has reiterated that it only wants to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. They have added that the IAEA report was dictated by the US and Israel (7).

Update November 19, 2011
According to a report by Press.tv the UK has retreated from her tough war-rhetoric on Iran after it noticed that many other countries were not that easily fooled by the IAEA-report which is based on intelligence by one unnamed country (8,9).

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(2) The statement by Ahmedinejad of wiping Israel from the face of the Earth was made in the following context which is almost always left out by the Corporate War Propaganda Media, namely that he was referring to the situation in which all the Palestians would be given equal rights, including rights to vote.
If they were allowed to vote the political situation in Israel would cause such a change that Israel as it is today would be wiped away - the Palestinian representation in the Knesset would have major influences on the policies of the state of Israel. Ahmedinijad was not referring to any military operation at all; he was referring to a big political shuffle that would change Israel to such a degree that the present Israel would be wiped from the Earth.

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