Just imagine that NATO would have to admit that they lack the support of the people of Tripoli. That the vast majority of people in the Libyan capital have developed a great hatred towards NATO and their ground forces consisting of ''rebels'' and Qatari, United Emirates, western secret agents and probably some blackwater-like mercenaries. Don't forget that NATO has bombed the city for more than five months on a nearly daily basis - would you cheer and welcome people who are responsible for such terror?!

I wouldn't be surprised if NATO is desperately trying to hide a massacre in which civilians are fighting the Islamist killers and the foreign troops. Would NATO be so hellbound on her conquest for Libya that they would actually kill mothers, children and other civilians who are defending their city against foreign invaders? I'm afraid they are so evil and anonymous that they are ready to do that - to kill of civilians to gain their victory.

How long will the world stand by idly before the reality starts to enter the minds of the people (1,2)

The international journalists are now in one of the biggest hotels in Tripoli, Corinthia, able to oversee much of what is really happening in the city. Would they make videos with their advanced cameras about the nature of the reality of this war that is taking place? Would they eventually make the paradigm shift (1) and send out the truth - NATO is the bad guy in this war and so are their Rebels.

I cannot imagine that the people in Eastern Libya wanted something like this to occur - NATO defeating and killing Libyans for them. I would feel deeply ashamed to sell out my country to these (former) colonialists. Perhaps Benghazi will rise in the next couple of days against the lies and the terror of NATO.

I recommend to watch Chavez' speech on the likelihood of NATO having gone into complete madness and their desperate attempts to hide it from the journalists (3)

August 26, 2011:
Bill van Auken wrote an interesting piece on Global Research, called 'the Rape of Libya' (6). I'll give you a few excerpts  from that article:

‘The rebels are saying they are fighting government troops here, but all those getting hurt are ordinary people, the only buildings being damaged are those of local people. There has also been looting by the rebels, they have gone into houses to search for people and taken away things. Why are they doing this?’

Asked why local residents were resisting the NATO-led force’s takeover of the city, Mohammed Selim Mohammed, a 38-year-old engineer, told the Independent, “Maybe they just do not like the rebels. Why are people from outside Tripoli coming and arresting our men?”

...Amnesty said that “rebel” leaders estimated that one-third of the detainees were “foreign mercenaries,” meaning sub-Saharan Africans. “When Amnesty International spoke to several of the detainees, however, they said they were migrant workers. They said that they had been taken at gunpoint from their homes, workplaces and the street on account of their skin colour.” Several said that they feared for their lives and that guards had told them that they would be “eliminated or else sentenced to death.”

The universal euphoria of the US and much of the European media, which is “embedded” with NATO and its “rebels,” cannot conceal the brutal reality that a war waged under the pretense of human rights and protecting civilians has unleashed immense death, human suffering and destruction.

Far from a “revolution” or struggle for “liberation,” what the world is witnessing is the rape of Libya by a syndicate of imperialist powers determined to lay hold of its oil wealth and turn its territory into a neo-colonial base of operations for further interventions throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Here's an excerpt from Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey (7)

"What I can say is the following. NATO's media blackout, why? What are they afraid of? Why have independent journalists been threatened? Why have their social network accounts been hacked and closed and why have their Twitter accounts been blocked? As usual, we are dealing with pith-headed simpletons because obviously these days anyone who has a social network account has already informed the members of emails and alternative means of contact.''

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 4, 2011: Eyewitness account by Thierry Meyssan (8)


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