From Leonor's Blog (1) we get this update on the situation in Misrata. NATO forces would have sent in mercenaries from the sea and would also have staged an attack from Tawurgha. Here's the part relating to Misrata:
"After the Libyan government with the army controlled the city of Misratah, there has been an attempt by NATO to retrieve it. NATO has sent 300 mercenaries by sea and air using as input Tawerga city to try to recover Misratah. Misratah have gone to the Apache helicopters, aircraft from NATO and by sea with 300 mercenaries. However, the Libyan army's defense was enough to maintain control of the city of Misratah. Tawerga has suffered so much because NATO has used the city to prepare the attack on Misratah."
If this were true, we would have to see NATO-reports on strikes in and around Misrata. How can we check something like that? I was able to find out something that appears rather weird: if you take a look at NATO's site on Libya (2), you can get an overview on the places that were struck by NATO's bombs. From August 10-15 you can find reports of the locations that were bombarded, but in the report on August 16 (in pdf file of August 17) there is no location mentioned at all (5). Would they be trying to hide the fact that they are engaged in heavy fighting in Misrata? (pdf files: 3, 4, 5)

At the moment of writing this article (August 18, 17:47 Libya Time), there were more suspicious things going on as someone added who is closely watching NATO. In an email he said:
"Other suspicious developments: The total number of sorties/strike sorties listed yesterday is lower than that of the previous day. Also, the report of August 17 occurred several hours later than usual and that for today is still not posted. Your supposition about events in Misrata may well be right."
Imagine that NATO is actually trying to hide that they are engaged in battle in Misrata. On the day that they have given their weekly press conference (6) they were secretly conducting airstrikes in Misrata which they kept from the media. I'll give you an update on the reports of August 17.

Ten minutes after I posted this article the 'bomb report' was published, and this time it did contain the locations, and there was no mention of Misrata whatsoever (7).

The fact remains that it is exceptional that there is no mention of the locations that were bombed on August 16, 2011. They could have hidden possible airstrikes on Misrata, or this whole theory of the Libyan Army being in Misrata is a fantasy and I have turned paranoid. The future will tell. I would like to hear reports from people in Libya on this matter.


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