After having been following the developments in Libya for more than five months I have learned to distrust nearly everything that comes from the NATO-Rebel-Media Complex. This complex is a master in bringing one-sided propaganda that fulfills their own needs: to demonize the enemy and to make heroes out of themselves. They have been quite succesful so far, making us accept the blatant violations of the UN-Resolutions, the killing of thousands of Libyans (military and civilians), and they even made it look reasonable to back Al-Qaida forces as the main fighters in NATO's war on Gaddafi (1, 2).

Today I heard a small message on the radio news that said with a definite tone that the people in Sirte had closed down the pipeline which transferred water from the south of Sirte to the capital Tripoli.

When I hear that I immediately think that this yet another lie by NATO and their Rebel Infantery in their media campaign against the Green Jamahiriya of Libya. They have already bombed Sirte for at least three days according to Mathaba (3) on August 29, 2011, but the people of Sirte refuse to surrender to these Rebels working for NATO. Why should they?

This is slightly troublesome for NATO, since it confronts them again with the fact that there are quite a few, probably tens of thousands of civilians who are openly against NATO and their Rebels.

If they would stick to the UN-Resolution they should protect these civilians from being killed by the Rebels who want to invade the city. But as we all know, NATO's goal is not so much to protect civilians, but to topple Gaddafi, destroy the Jamahiriya and install a government that is NATO-friendly.

Since NATO has managed to conquer Tripoli with massive bombings, which has sent Gaddafi on the run, you might say: ''Isn't it enough?'', but no, NATO wants to bring to submission every single town of Libya, whether the people like it or not. Although there is not a single legal way to justify the support for the Rebels in their attempt to introduce war in the peaceful city of Sirte, they want control of the complete country.

Therefore they needed to have a new propaganda item to justify their attack on Sirte, and since the humanitarian excuse has worked so well in Libya, they might use it again by claiming that the people in Sirte deliberately cut off the water pipeline to Tripoli in order to make sure that the people in Tripoli wouldn't have enough water (4).

This has got two advantages: it provides an excuse to invade the city, since they are helping the civilians in Tripoli and all the water shortages that are now occurring in Libya can be blamed on the ''Gaddafi Loyalists'', a perfect excuse to hide that NATO and their war has played a considerable and crucial role in jeopardizing the flow of water to the various cities in Tripoli.

They have bombed nearly everything, including a factory that makes spare parts for the Great Man Made River (see image, 5).

When you really read Reuter's source article with the highly manipulative title ''Gaddafi Forces in Sirte cut off Tripoli Water Supply" (4) you see the following excerpt:
The United Nations human rights spokesman in Geneva, Rupert Colville, said that shutting off the water supply could possibly be classified as a crime against humanity. "I haven't heard any reports that it has been deliberately cut off. But it could be. Water is a life-sustaining essential," Colville told a news briefing.
Based on the avalanche of lies and distortions that have accompanied NATO's Conquest of Libya, this seems just another element that is unconfirmed which is blown up to justify an attack on these awful pro-gaddafi people who want their fellow Libyans in Tripoli to have no water anymore? Why on Earth would they want to do that? During the war Gaddafi could have shut down the water supply to Benghazi, but he didn't.

Another telling element that doesn't get a lot of attention is that most of the water for Tripoli comes from water wells in the Berber Regions which have been fighting against Tripoli and the Libyan Green Army. This normally provides for the main water supply for Tripoli and - as the Reuter report adds - it will probably be fixed in 36 hours:
Tripoli's main supply comes from the Jebel Hassouna region to the south, where only 30 of 580 wells are now operational, the ECHO report said. The International Committee of the Red Cross has said the main regional reservoir, at Gharyan, has dried up.

The Hassouna wells have been in the hands of Berber tribes loyal to Libya's National Transitional Council since Friday, but Libyan engineers have not managed to travel to the area to restart the system because of security concerns.

The International Committee of the Red Cross may send a team of technical experts to do the job. It will take 36 hours for the water supply to return to full capacity. (4)
In other words there is hardly a long lasting dependence of Sirte: most of the water normally comes from this Hassouna region, and the water supply will be back to normal in 36 hours. Why then stress the rumor that ''Gaddafi Loyalists'' have cut off the water supply to Tripoli? Like I have said, I can only think of one reason: a fake humanitarian excuse to invade and conquer the people of Sirte who oppose the Rebels and their airforce.


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(4) Gaddafi Forces cut off Water supply (Reuters, August 30, 2011)
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