On Thursday March, 8, 2012 I tried to reach the Iranian Press TV website, www.presstv.ir, but the site could not be found at around 11.30 PM Central European Time. Let's just hope that this is nothing serious. After the various reports on hackers attacking the web site I wonder if these American-Israeli hackers have actually succeeded in shutting down the presstv.ir-site, at least for a few hours.

There was an attack on February 18 and another on March 6, 2012 as was reported by presstv.ir (1).

Through their youtube-site I stumbled upon another URL that leads to the Iranian press TV, site, namely www.presstv.com 
I would like to know what this is all about. If anyone can shed their light on this, please add a comment below. 

Update: a few hours later everything was back to normal. Perhaps it was nothing but some maintenance. Perhaps I am getting a bit too paranoid here.

(1)  http://iraansnieuws.blogspot.com/2012/02/amerikaans-israelische-hackers-proberen.html (see links 3 and 6)