- (June 9, 2011) NATO's Terror Bombings on Libya (Uruknet by Bill van Auken)
        What has Libya done to the countries—including Denmark, Norway and Sweden—that are now raining bombs down upon its cities and population? The answer is nothing. They are joining in the imperialist onslaught as the price of admission to the "post-Gaddafi" carve-up of the country’s assets, both its oil reserves and the tens of billions of dollars that have been "frozen" in Western banks.

- (May 30, 2011) South African Leader meets with Gaddafi (CNN)
        Unlike many other world leaders, Zuma, his African National Congress party and the African Union -- which he will represent on his trip, and which Gadhafi once led -- have not called for the longtime Libyan leader to step down. In fact, it has criticized the NATO airstrikes targeting government forces.

- (May 30, 2011) South Africa's Zuma meets Gaddafi amid Pressure on Tripoli (M & C)
        'We also join the continent and all peace-loving people of the world in condemning the continuing aerial bombardments of Libya by Western forces,' the ANC said late Sunday.

- (May 30, 2011) India Forges New Bonding with Libya (Business Standard)
- (May 28, 2011) Death Squads Attacks in Libyan "Rebel" Capital (Global Research)
- (May 27, 2011) NATO defies Africa by intensifying bombardments on Libya (Mathaba)
- (May 27, 2011) Celebrating Africa Day: Not this Year! (Timothy Bancroft-Hincey, Pravda)
- (May 26, 2011) The Libyan War that Should not have been (Canadian article by Thomas Walkom)
- (May 24, 2011) Libya's Ghanem may be on Secret Government Mission (and did not defect as was suggested)
- (May 24, 2011) Stop NATO
- (May 17, 2011) Letter to Obama by Perez Esquivel (May 5, 2011)
- (May 17, 2011) Imperialist Bombardment, Assault on Libya Continues (B. Muhammad, May 17)
- (May 17, 2011) The Truth about 'Civilized Transitions': NATO's Civilizing Bloodbath in Libya (W. Bowles, May 17)
- (May 17, 2011) Reason for War? Gaddafi wanted to Nationalise Oil
- (May 17, 2011) (video) NATO allowing and enabling Terrorists to Attack and Kill Members of Libyan Forces
- (May 17, 2011) Kwame Nkrumah Foresaw Western Re-Conquest of Africa
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- (May 16, 2011) Why Mainstream Media refuses to report the West's Shocking New Colonialism
- (May 16, 2011) The Iraqis who paid Albright's Blood Price
- (May 16, 2011) Gaddafi's speech in Arab League in 2007
- (May 16, 2011) UN Secretary General Envoy Arrives in Tripoli to assess 'NATO's violations'

14-18 mei 2011:
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- Killing Kids is a Crime, whatever the Reason (Chinese Response, 9 mei 2011)
- Rifts among Libyan Rebels (Irish Times, 9 mei 2011)
- The Tribal Gathering of May - Vergadering van veel stamhoofden in Tripoli (je hoort er weinig over in de westerse media) (zie ook Mercury Mail met veel actuele info over Libië)
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- Libië: humanitaire Interventie (met uitgebreide toespraak van Hugo Chavez, onderaan pagina)
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