Can we alter the strength of a certain timeline?
Can we alter the strength of a certain timeline?

I remember this Star Trek episode in which a group of rather unkind beings had phenomenal abilities to see into the future. They had this grand hall filled with 'clouds', where each cloud portrayed a particular timeline, or a certain turn of events. At a certain stage they were very pleased with their future, because nearly all possible timelines in these clouds showed an outcome that would grant these beings absolute power over a certain galactic area. 

But then suddenly a slight panic came over these beings, since they noticed that certain timelines were changing, and the likelihood of their ideal future actually coming to pass seemed to rapidly diminish. What was going on, they wondered? What did they not foresee? In the Star Trek series the crew of the Enterprise (or Voyager) are human beings with high moral standards, and they turned out to be responsible for thwarting the selfish ambitions of these other beings.

I already mentioned the inspiring conversation I had with a man from aboriginal descent in another article. We also talked about something that would have happened in the week from December 21 to December 28, 2012. He said that in that particular week the number of active timelines for Earth had been drastically cut down to four. In this article I would like to spend some time to reflect on two of the major current timelines.


It is not an easy to grasp concept, but perhaps we should not bother too much with the details. The way I interpret it, the main idea is that nearly everyone on this planet is living in one of two different 'timelines'. The differences between these two timelines are rather simple and straightforward: the first timeline is characterized by more or less a continuation of the world which we have known for a long time, in which competition, secrecy, fear, greed and the thirst for power are crucial elements. The second timeline that would have been born works on a different premise, namely on themes like sharing, love, cooperation and honesty.

In the second timeline there is no room for people who like to belittle others, who like to feel superior. It would simply not fit within that reality. If you still harbor these desires, then you are simply part of the first timeline, in which you meet lots of people who participate in that mode of being.

It is hard for me to imagine how these two different timelines can exist at the same time on the same planet, but I like to play with the idea that perhaps these timelines will diverge more and more, leading to increasing differences between the people in these two timelines. I would like to ask readers to play along with this concept. 


One of the things that puzzles my mind is how people 'living in different timelines' can interact with each other. I imagine that the interaction between the various timelines diminishes the more time goes by, as if the people of these timelines belong to a different world. But, how would the interaction be in these possible times of transition?

I have this colleague who has a very competitive attitude, in the sense that he seems to feel as if every conversation on every topic is a kind of battle where you can win, by either making the most funny or the most clever remark as fast as possible, or by talking most of the time. I would designate this astimeline-1 behavior (...), but how to deal with these situations when you don't want to participate in this battle altogether? I guess there are a few timeline-2 responses possible, like completely ignoring that person, or by not smiling when another 'I-won-the-battle-joke' is made. Another option might be to go into some meta-communication and explain that you don't resonate with these kind of talks.

I think that the most effective method for those who prefer to live in timeline 2 is by showing that you are bored when someone expresses 'timeline 1-behavior' like when someone keeps on bragging about how wonderful their life is, when you feel that he or she is lying. Just don't play along anymore and know that the time has come to honor yourself throughout the day.


Timeline 1 would be a continuation of what we have known for long, it therefore seems fair to assume that many are inclined to continue in that mode of behavior, since most of us were brought up this way. The emergence of this second timeline would make it easier than ever to try and live in that 'new' mode of being. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the people we interact with: do you want to live your life with people who live in timeline one, or in timeline two?

Of course we should respect anyone, regardless of the timeline they prefer to live in. One of the things that also puzzles me in this 'timeline'-mode of thinking is that timeline 2 people might appear 'weak' in the eyes of 'timeline oners', since they appear to lose the conversation battles, and they can easily be fooled because they are honest and don't carry secrets with them. How could Timeline Two-ers deal with this? I would say that living in the second timeline is a brave sign of strength and not a sign of weakness at all, but I guess only people in that second timeline can fully understand that.  Please think along.


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