How much more would it take for people to realize that they were fooled from day 1 about the war in Libya? What does it take to make people realize that France, England and the US, together with their undemocratic monarchs from the Gulf States have made an evil plan to destroy Gaddafi's Power?

As Kuhn has described in science there are paradigms that people adhere to and use to explain the world. After a number of anomalies the paradigm is unable to explain many phenomena and eventually it crumbles to make place for another paradigm that is able to explain more than the previous one.

Let's compare the two realities that are now vying to stay or become the paradigm, with their characteristics. Try to evaluate both realities and see which one is able to explain most facts?

1. NATO's Reality
- We come in peace
- We come to protect civilians
- We come to enforce a no-fly zone
- We come to enforce an arms embargo
- We are not on the sides of the Rebels, we are on the side of the Libyans
- Gaddafi has lost all legitimacy and is a ruthless Dictator
- Our Media say nothing but the truth
- We do what the UN Security Council Resolutions tell us to do
- Believe what you are told
- No Boots on the Ground

- In the first week the no-fly zone was enforced - no reason to shoot anything for that purpose anymore
- Arms Embargo could be checked by the sea and the borders - Doesn't take any bombing to establish that
- Arms Embargo is enforced for one side of the conflict only - the Libyan government is not allowed to be armed, the Rebels are armed by France and Qatar (amongst many others probably)
- Libyan Governments and African Union want to talk about peace - NATO and Rebels don't want to talk about peace and continue bombing the country.
- NATO is clearly siding with the Rebels and therefore breaks the UN-Resolution which doesn't say anything about certain civilians to be more worthy of protection than others
- NATO's goal has become to destroy the possibility of the Libyan people to defend themselves against foreign bombers and certain Rebel groups that don't represent the people of Libya - many soldiers were killed even when they were in a defensive position, protecting their civilians from the atrocities committed by the Rebel Forces.
- The UN resolution says nothing about ousting the leader of a souvereign country - NATO wants to oust Gaddafi and helps the Rebels to find Gaddafi
- Gaddafi is loved by millions of people and many have grown to hate NATO and their Rebel Infantery (1)
- The Libyan State TV was bombed because they showed the atrocities and numerous deaths caused by NATO and the Rebels - This was unwanted, therefore it needed to be ruined despite UN-rules against such acts.
- The battle of Tripoli is not over and already the oil companies are fighting amongst each other to gain control over the Libyan oilfields, the presidents of the NATO-countries are planning what to do with Libya - as if they have the right to determine the future of Libya

- NATO's evil for Tripoli was - carpet bomb the western entrance of Tripoli and kill everyone that is there. It doesn't matter if there are civilians or soldiers defending their city, then invite the most ruthless islamist killers from Eastern Libya and other mercenaries from Qatar to enter the city loaded with weapons from NATO and Qatar. Lead them by the MI6 and the CIA people and a few other mercenaries from blackwater-like organisation to guide these Killer Rebels.

Further provide aid by giving them boats and dropping them with helicopters in certain quarters of Tripoli. Make sure that there is no press - lock them up in the Rixos hotel - and then: let the slaughter begin! Use some fake footage of another Green square, and wait a few days to make sure that all the dead people (probably including many civilians protecting their cities) are removed from the streets and proclaim victory over Libya. Get the presidents together as fast as possible and hand over power to their puppets Abdul 'NATO' Jalil and Jabril (there is no official government for weeks).

If the battle takes to long, don't hesitate to use the killing war helicopters to shoot anyone who opposes their killer rebels, and ignore the fact that many people in Tripoli don't want the Rebels and hate NATO for their continuous bombardments for more than 5 months, as thieves in the night.

It is often very hard to change for a paradigm shift to occur. Once people are brainwashed to believe a certain paradigm they are mostly unable to change that point of view. Max Planck once said that for a paradigm-shift to occur the people supporting the old paradigm must simply pass away.

We don't have that time. We can look at all the points in NATO's Fantasy Paradigm and ask ourselves how true these elements are.

Once you allow uncertainty to sink in, there is another desperate tendency to hold on to the old paradigm, until it finally collapses completely making you embrace the new paradigm with all the consequences: we cannot trust the news on our TV, Internet, Radio. We cannot trust our governments, we cannot trust NATO, which is ofcourse a very hard pill to swallow, but perhaps the time has come to face up to this new paradigm. It's up to you.

P.S. See new videos on my channel - Yvonne de Vito (2) and an interview with a Libyan young man in London who tells us that many Libyans are now not as much fighting for Gaddafi, but to protect their country against foreign powers. They see Qatari and United Emirates and NATO as their enemies (3).

On August 26, 2011 I noticed that an Italian site has translated this piece (4)

(3) (Libyan Defectors were mostly the corrupt people)