Week 24 in june 2011 clearly illustrated the insanity of the war that NATO is waging in Libya. It was the week that NATO accidentally bombed their rebel friends in Brega and accidentally killed nine people by bombing a house in the urban district of Tripoli and probably another 15 in Sorman, near Tripoli (see graphic images in Libyan News broadcast from June 20, 2011)

As if that weren't enough they had to witness a huge demonstration of Libyans in Tripoli protesting against NATO and pro Gaddafi (see Gaddafi Speech June 17, 2011).

On top of all that their Rebels were once again complaining about not getting enough money from their foreign allies, hoping for their allies to steal the money of all Libyans in foreign bank accounts to donate it to the tribes supporting the Benghazi rebels.

But NATO's propaganda powers are strong and they will do everything within their might to make it look as if they are fighting a just war. On Friday, June 17, Moammar Gaddafi - often portrayed as a cruel dictator slaughtering his own defenseless people in the western media - gave a speech on the National TV. In that speech he said that Libya provided a unique challenge for NATO, namely the presence of millions of armed people that were not supporting the rebels, nor the bombings of NATO.

One of the catchy lines in defending their bombardments is that they are doing it for democracy. As I have said they prefer to ignore the fact that chances are that their rebels will lose any elections, since they don't seem to have as much support as the NATO-countries would like them to have.  By supporting the armed revolt of certain eastern tribes and by killing off the people supporting the Libyan government they hope to help the rebels to create a much desired regime change.

But what would NATO do as soon as these rebels would enter cities like Sirte and Tripoli, where they meet many armed civilians who want to defend themselves against the NATO-Rebel Alliance? Will they keep on supporting the Rebels by killing everyone who is against them, including armed civilians? Or will they have to bomb their own rebels in order to protect the civilians of places like Sirte and Tripoli?

NATO is caught in an impossible situation: they have to pretend that they are in Libya to protect civilians and guard a no-fly zone, but in practice they aim to have their rebels control the country, which implies the killing of many civilians who oppose the NATO-Rebel Alliance. Phrases like 'We want Libyans to decide their future' are no longer heard when offers for elections and ceasefires are easily pushed aside. They also have to ignore the distinct possibility that many Libyans have more faith in Gaddafi than in the Rebels from the East with their close ties to former colonial powers.