How Alternative websites can make things worse for the 99%
How Alternative websites can make things worse for the 99%

Triggered by a discussion on Julian Assange on this website, I would like to share some thoughts on the effect some alternative news websites might have on quite a few people, and how they can - probably unwillingly - support the 1% through this.

When I talk about the 1%, I refer to the term introduced by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which stands for the ruling class, consisting of the top brass of corporations, banksters, and many people in the government and the military, who want to hold on to the current status quo. 

In order to hold on to their power, they need to have masses of people who don't interfere with their business. There are various ways to achieve this goal, and quite a few have been mentioned on World Mathaba so far (1). A large group of people simply don't care about changing anything as far as the 1% vs 99% goes. They are simply too busy with their daily lives, with survival,  and don't have enough time available to even think about these issues. 

The 'problem' for the 1% lies with those people who do have enough time to reflect upon matters. People who are searching for what is really going on behind the scenes, people who read books, watch documentaries, read beyond the mass media, people like you and me ;).

How to deal with this group of people and the information that they gather and spread? One of the techniques could be to add lies to any truth uncovered: if you mix truth with lies the result gets blurry. Another well-known technique is to ridicule the people who express different views, or to discredit them with rumors about sexual misconduct, ties to the CIA, or belief in interactions with aliens (2).

The image or feel of someone, or of a particular alternative news website, is therefore quite important in my opinon. If a person or a website has a high 'angry conspiracy'-level, according to many people, it has a bad effect on the information that it carries, even though it might not be a 'conspiracy' site at all. The effect could be that very valuable information can not spread decently to the masses because it is taken up by a few of these angry-alternative-sites. 

Let me give you an example. As a staunch believer in the rightfulness of the Syrian Arab Army to wipe out the armed gangs in Syria, I got attracted to the youtube-channel of Syrian Girl Partisan, and I can't deny that her looks made it easier for me to subscribe to her channel, as well. When I saw her 'perform'  in an Australian program last month (3) I began to think that her shouting out at the Zionist regime and NATO had a adverse effect on her message. Although I agree with her that the Jewish influence on world-politics is immense, her message got lost because she got too angry.

A bit later I noticed a video of her in which she made quite a number of references to Alex Jones. I personally have some trouble An erupting volcano, taken from volcano heavenwith his angry-level as well. Of course you can't expect him to present his show sitting in a meditative lotus position, but simply the way that he often shouts out the information annoys me, and I don't think that I'm the only one with that perspective. 

What I am trying to say here, is that a valuable message, that could be considered a 'danger to the 1%' can almost be nullified if it is transmitted by alternative news agencies with a 'high perceived angry conspiracy' level. In that sense these alternative news outlets, although they work with the best intentions, can become a useful tool for the 1% to stop certain information from spreading to the masses.

When alternative news websites collect too much anger and hatred towards the evil world, they might become infected themselves  and spread their anger and discontent to others, and perhaps even to other alternative news websites. The old Machiavellian principle of divide and rule might even apply to alternative websites that start preying on each other, as an outlet for an overdose of anger gathered during their war on lies.

In earlier articles I mentioned the effect of emotions on the strength of the opposition against the 1%. If people speak and scream angrily about certain matters, they are using only a tiny element of their personal power (4). Whereas people who are able to hold on to a certain degree of peacefulness within are able to extend their personal power to a huge degree, leading eventually to a fully functioning person who turns creative and can make connections and links that the 1% would prefer not to be exposed. These people might prove to be real threats for the 1%.

Perhaps all those people who sincerely want to make this world a better place, should pay attention to the way they express their ideas, their messages. If they can talk about the 'evil ways of corporations, banksters, imperialist nations' in a friendly way, their message will be far more powerful than that same message exploding like an eruption from a tense and angry human volcano.


(1) Take for example: Countering the Corporate InsurgencyHow Mainstream media deceives you with its magic tricks3 loose Shingles to blow the roof off Global Corporate Oligarchy & The Basis of Mass Mind Control: Image and Feeling

(2) When the president of the world chess federation (FIDE), Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, visited Moammar Gaddafi during NATO's war on Libya, the main stream media was eager to mention Ilymzhinov's alleged meeting with an alien on a balcony somewhere. The only purpose of this would be to sow the idea that two lunatics were meeting each other in Tripoli.


(4) See Creating a Personal Dance with the NewsTrying to Move Beyond Imperialism and anti-ImperialismHow to Mathabafy your Local Universe and the Shibr-twitter concept

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