At the meeting of the NATO with a few Monarchs and Emirs in Abu Dhabi, Italy and France pledged their Rebel Friends 1 billion US Dollars. This money that belongs to the Libyan people and was put on Italian and French banks is now simply stolen from the Libyan people in order to give it to the Rebels in the East.

This theft is being described as a noble deed by the NATO-countries to support their rebels against the evil dictator Gaddafi.

You may wonder how fair it is that NATO-countries do not only take sides in a civil war, but also steal the money from a country's bank account and give it to one of the parties in a civil war.

It comes down to taking money from all those people that oppose the Rebels and the NATO bombardments to give it to their enemies, without the approval of the people to whom the money belongs.

According to Wayne Madsen, the US don't trust the Rebels enough to give them any money. Read more about his report on June 5, 2011 about what happened to the Benghazi National Bank when the Rebels managed to get their hands on that money:

TRIPOLI, LIBYA - Shortly after Libya's rebel Interim Transitional National Council (ITNC) seized control of Benghazi, the second-largest Libyan city, they discovered the two keys for the cash vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in the city. However, because of control mechanisms, the cash vault required a third key held at the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli, the capital. The rebel movement brought in a professional safe cracker from the United Arab Emirates who successfully opened the cash vault safe. The rebels had their hands on $900 million in Libyan dinars and $500.5 million in U.S. dollars.

According to Central Bank officials in Tripoli, the rebels have now spent or siphoned to their offshore bank accounts the entire Benghazi Central Bank cash reserves. In addition, the rebel movement has squandered millions of euros provided by the Euriopean Union. The rebel's theft of money is so great, the U.S. Treasury has refused to provide frozen Libyan central government funds to the rebel movement.

In addition to the Libyan dinars stolen from the Benghazi Central Bank, NATO countries have printed their own Libyan dinars abroad and have made the cash available to the rebels.

Under Qaddafi's Libyan Oil Wealth program, every Libyan family received a monthly payment of 500 dinars, their share of Libya's oil revenues. With the rebels controlling the finances of eastern Libya, families in the east are no longer receiving the oil wealth-sharing payments and the looting of the Central Bank in Benghazi has resulted in no money for civil servants and pensioners.

(Dignity Delegation continuing reports from Libya)

By the way it is interesting to note that in the BBC-report on this matter (Libya Crisis: Allies step up funding to Rebels) the reporter no longer talks of 'The International Community' as they used to do. They now start off with 'Western Countries and Arab Countries', since they know that they hardly have any support for the bombardments in Russia, China, India, Latin America and the African Continent.

Another source: Italy pledges 300-400 millions of aid to Libyan Rebels

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