NATO's war on Libya has once again proven how advanced the mechanisms of twisting the truth have become. They have put a shadow on the former master of propaganda, dr. Goebbels (1). The people in the western world didn't protest and accepted the way NATO has conquered Libya.

They bought the story that in order to protect civilians the complete army of Libya needed to be destroyed, the opposition needed to be funded, armed and guided to topple a leader of a country, which the West didn't want anylonger.

It was OK to bomb cities for months on a row, killing thousands of Libyans (2), with the attacks on the peaceful city of Sirte the most recent example of bombing people into submission, this time openly with French and British soldiers on the ground (3). Somehow the people accept all of this and don't bother about the grave breachings of international law and the UN-resolutions.

In this article by Chris Stephen we can read about the close ties between NATO and their infantery on the ground:

Subka, who was given the job of liaising with the British unit [on the ground] because he once worked as an aircraft dispatcher at Tripoli airport, said that had now changed.The alliance has provided sophisticated means of sending in requests for air strikes: "Sometimes email, sometimes VHF [radio]," he said.

"You send it [the air strike request] to Misrata port."The Nato team also helped plan the first breakout of the rebels two weeks ago when they captured the town of Tawarga. The plan demanded close co-ordination between the Halbus Brigade, making a frontal assault on the town, and a secondary thrust through the desert to cut Tawarga off from loyalist reinforcements.

Subka said the plan worked flawlessly. "It was a very beautiful plan," he added. "The plan went to perfection, and not just the plan, also the timing. Even the Nato operations room sent us a commendation." The British and French units also helped opposition fighters assault Zlitan at the weekend in the first stage of the offensive that took rebel units into Tripoli. Testimony to the deadly effect of Nato's bombing was evident along the highway leading out of the city.

Concrete buildings used as bunkers by Gaddafi's forces were flattened, while tanks were ripped apart, their turrets and tracks strewn across the road. Further south, all that remained of an ammunition truck was a blackened carpet of splinters." (3)

I remember NATO claiming that they had no communication with the Rebels on the ground. That seems to be the ways things work: lie in the heat of the moment and fulfill your goals, and when the lies surface later on, people don't pay much attention to it.

But let's move on a bit and think about what will probably be next. A good way to get an idea about the future of the imperialistic grab of Libya is by watching the American media. In a CNN-story on August 25 we can watch the report on the hundreds of prisoners that were released in Tripoli (4), amongst whom are a lot of Al-Qaida sympathisers.

Perhaps I have turned too cynical here, but I wouldn't be surprised if the next step in the imperialistic conquest of Libya would be to stress the awful presence of Al-Qaida murderers in Libya. They might even be so blunt as to use the images of the ruthless killings and slaughters committed against the black people in Libya in Eastern Libya, which was ignored by the western media before, because it did not suit them then.

By moulding the people's mind to the way these ''particular group of Libyans'' have Al-Qaida/Taliban perspectives that need to be stopped they might make a case in the United Nations to protect civilians against these Al-Qaida elements. And of course that needs to be done by sending in troops to protect the people and the weak government of Libya, which at the time of NATO's conquest of Tripoli only consisted of Abdul 'NATO' Jalil and mister Jabril.

The mix could be: weak government needs to be helped against the extremists and therefore we need to help the Libyan people out of humanitarian reasons by sending in our military. Thereby playing down the fact that these extremists were their main allies against the government of Libya (5). As Cunningham has written in ''Killing the Truth'':

"The murder of civilians by NATO warplanes is a war crime in the normal framework of fact, truth, reality, law and morality. But in the abnormal, hideous framework of Western imperialist propaganda it is called "protecting civilians" and "supporting democracy"''. (6)

Algeria has first told Reuters that it would only recognize the 'Transitional NATO's Council' (TNC) when it starts to fight Al-Qaida (7), but the FM of Algeria would have denied that the day after:

Algeria's Foreign Ministry denied on Friday that it was linking any recognition of Libya's rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) to a commitment from the council to crack down on Islamist militants.

A government source in Algeria had told Reuters on Thursday that it would not yet grant recognition to the NTC, and that it wanted to be certain that Libya's rulers were engaged in fighting al Qaeda's north African wing.

(5) (West is providing Al-Qaida Sanctuary with Webster Tarpley)